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absolutely necessary, essential, vital, cannot be done without, having to be facedindispensable
accept people as paying guests, accept something as real, bring somebody to police station, deceive somebody, give somebody shelter, go and see, include something, make garment narrower, understand something, work on something at hometake in
accompanying, as part of the background, background radiation, causes of an event, inconspicuous position, information, low-priority environment in computers, part of picture, personal circumstances and experiences, pertaining to a setting, pertaining ...background
accurately, adjust accurately, fit exactly, adjust position of something, alignment, certainly, committed, conforming to a standard or measure, conforming to inclusion criteria, correct adjustment or position; truth, verity, correct; real, genuine; loy...true
achieve something hoped for, be or become aware of something, convert gain or loss into cash, interpret piece of music, know and understand something, translate something into money, turn work into performance, comprehend; make real, accomplish, actual...realize
achieve something, direction finder, encompass, instrument that indicates magnetic north; boundary, limit, personal direction, scope, surround, encircle; comprehend, understand, understand somethingcompass
act of anointing, pouring of oil; soothing or ingratiating words; fervor, excitement, anointing with oil, flattering efforts to charm, real or pretended earnestness, something soothing, substance used in a rite or treatmentunction
act of ejecting, expelling, discharging, ejecting or being ejected, recovery of real propertyejectment
act of making real, accomplishment; fulfillment, state of being made real, realizing of something, something realizedrealization
act of one that lives; lifestyle; income, livelihood, sustenance, alive, having life, alive; currently in existence; current; realistic; vital, necessary; strong; flowing; active; full of life, interesting and relevant, like the real thing,
act or process of making internalinternalization
acting as pivot, axial, pertaining to a pivot; fundamental, central; important, significant, vitally importantpivotal
acting in personal capacity, genitals, intimate, for or pertaining to a small group of people; personal, of an individual, lowest-ranking, lowest-ranking soldier or marine, nongovernmental, not for others, not public, not understandable by everyone, re...private
action to regain personal property, order to return unlawfully held possessions (Law)detinue
acupuncture point, any of several points on the body that correspond to an internal organ (used in the Chinese healing methods of acupuncture and acupressure)acupoint
adherent of realism, one who is concerned with the real; one who portrays things as they truly are, pragmatistrealist
adorn something with jewels, gem, gemstone, precious stone; ornament set with precious stones; valuable possession; highly esteemed person, personal ornament, decorate with jewels; adorn with jewelry, somebody or something prized, watch bearingjewel
adv, inner, internal; proceeding toward the inside; situated within; located within the body; mental, spiritual; personal, inwards, of the mind or spirit, something which is inside, internal part; inside, toward the inside; into the mind or soul, towar...inward
advice, consultation; attorney, lawyer, advise on personal problems, advise to do something, instruct, advocate, court lawyer, somebody who gives advicecounsel
affect, impact; impel, control, effect on something, action of a person or thing which affects another; person or thing which has power to affect others; use of personal connections to manipulate people or events, power to sway, somebody who can sway a...influence
affection, animal heart used as food, basis of emotional life, beloved person, blood-pumping organ, bodily organ which pumps blood, character, compassion, disposition, essential part of something, part of vegetable around core, playing card, position o...heart
affirmative or negative characteristic, character of vowel sound, degree of excellence; characteristic, attribute; nature, character; excellence, distinguishing characteristic, essential property, excellent, having superior characteristics, fine, peopl...quality
agency, body part, instrument similar to organ, internal body part; musical instrument that makes sound by pressing air through a system of graduated pipes; any instrument that makes sound similar to an organ (but without the use of pipes), means of co...organ
agreement for personal benefitside deal
air pocket, area for a quarterback to throw, cavity, center of a baseball glove, contained, enclose or surround, hit a ball into a pocket, ore in a cavity, personal money, position in a race, pouch on a playing table, pouch used to carry objects; sac; ...pocket
alcohol from essential oilgeraniol
all that actually exists or happens, real existence, something that exist or happens, state of being real; real thing or fact; actuality, totality of real things, type of existencereality
ambiguous genital appearance, condition in which a person has the external sexual organs of both genders but internal sexual organs of only one genderpseudohermaphroditism
American corporation headquartered in California, manufacturer and distributor of personal computer systems and related equipmentGateway
amino acid found in plant and animal proteins, essential amino acidvaline
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