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Results for: aberrancy, deviancy; distortedness, abnormality; stubbornness, obstinacy, perverse action, stubborn unreasonable behaviorTranslations: 3160 / 821
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acceptance of issue, act of joining, combining, uniting, linking; joining of two or more individuals in a suite or action against another (Law), combining of legal proceedings, joining of legal partiesjoinder
accomplish, put into action, execute, do, being in force or operation, belongings, cause or production of an impression, do or make something, meaning or intent, power to influence, result, outcome; influence; impact; gimmick, trick; natural phenomenon...effect
accumulate money, block, collect items for later, conserve something, copy data for storage, except, instance of saving; action or instance in which the ball or puck is prevented from entering the goal (Sports), keep something back for later, maintain
accustomed, action that was accurate once but is not true at this time (e.g.: "Her parents used to live in Europe and now they live in the USA")used to
achieve agreement between disputing groups, be between, depending on intermediate action, intervene to resolve conflict, intervene; reconciliate, help facilitate peace between two parties in a dispute; act as an intermediary between two parties to help...mediate
act a part in a play, act in a particular manner, act in jest, action during a game, action or move in a game, assign or have a position on field, compete against, direct light or water, dramatic composition or production, dramatic performance; game;
act as respectable cover for, area of activity, aspect of something, at or near the front, battle zone, be the head of, beginning or first pages, confront, cover for illegal activities, deliberately assumed behavior, detachable shirt front, direction i...front
act getting prolonged applause, performer or scene in a performance that attracts prolonged applause; extremely attractive or arresting person or thing, something so striking it stops actionshowstopper
act immorally, unethical, or unprofessional behavior, incompetence, manage incompetently, misbehavior, improper conduct, unprofessional behavior; bad managementmisconduct
act intended to impress, behavior intended to impress, insincere behavior, artificial manner, pretenseaffectation
act like somebody, adopt something, cause disease, come to be or have, feeling associated with an action, influence, influence; move someone (emotionally); attack (of a disease); act as if, pretend; have a certain disposition towards; have an affinity ...affect
act of ascending; process of increasing, growth; waking up, action of standing up, becoming powerful, getting higher, getting more important, getting up, ascending; increasing, growing; growing older, maturing, leavening process, revolt, something gett...rising
act of attempting to convince public officials to favor a certain cause or take a certain actionlobbying
act of becoming specialized, act of specializing; uniqueness, specific action, adaptation of organism, adapted body part, specialtyspecialization
act of crushing or squeezing; something that is easily crushed; racket sport for 2 or 4 players; vine-like plant bearing edible fruit; gourd-shaped fruit that is eaten as a vegetable; concentrated drink (British), action or noise of squashing, ballgame...squash
act of culminating, climax, highest point; completion, final action, concluding action, highest or lowest altitudeculmination
act of deviating; aberration, abnormality; divergence, change or difference, compass error, difference from statistical average, unacceptable behavior or attitudedeviation
act of disabling, putting out of action, rendering inactive; act of making inertinactivation
act of discovering something, decision on course of action, end of estate, interest, or right, firm decision; decisiveness, resolution; definition, firmness of purpose, fixed purpose, qualifying of concept, settlement of dispute or contest, stage in de...determination
act of fixating; stabilizing; focusing on; fixing in place; arrest of emotional development; obsession, conversion of nitrogen, immature psychosexual behavior, preserving for examination, stabilization of chemicalfixation
act of grinding or fine chopping; preparation of mincemeat; hesitant or restrained speech; speech or behavior that is affected or unnaturally courteous; walking with dainty steps, overly daintymincing
act of hitting a ball with a bat, action or ability with bat, batt, paddingbatting
act of implying; something implied, indirect suggestion, connotation, hint; state of being involved in an action or event, implicit understanding, involvement, logical relationimplication
act of inducing; something which persuades or motivates, incentive, encouragement, inducing action, stimulus or incentiveinducement
act of inventing possible reasons for an action that are not based on the true reasons; act of giving a rational explanation, act of basing things on logic or reason, defense mechanism, process of rationalizingrationalization
act of joggling; jolt; gentle back and forth movement, swaying, jiggling, join with joggle, jar; gently move back and forth, jiggle, shake slightly; cause to sway or jiggle, masonry joint, shaking actionjoggle
act of maintaining; upkeep, repairs; livelihood, means of support, condition, continuing repair work, interference in legal action, maintaining of something, provision of financial supportmaintenance
act of moving by turning over and over; act of curling up; act of winding up; perilous action of throwing heavy items from the rear of a moving car, extremely, gradually developing, reverberating, rich, rotating, turning over and over; curling, undulatingrolling
act of moving, associate with a group, be in motion; put in motion; act on, take action; transfer from one place to another; change residence; excite, cause emotion; motivate, spur to action; suggest, propose; take a turn in a game, reposition a game p...move
act of mustering; military enrollment; assembly; gathering up; list of names in a military unit, assemble people, call up something, gather people or things, gather together, assemble for action or ceremonial purposes, collect, gathering or collection,...muster
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