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magister alius casusmisfortune is a second master (Pliny the Elder)
aliusother, another, someone else, something else
alius alia aliudother, another, someone else, something else
alius est amor, alius cupidolove is one thing, lust another (Lucius Afranius)
alius peccat, alius plectiturone man sins, the other is punished
an quisquam est alius liber, nisi ducere vitam cui licet, ut voluit?is any man free except the one who can pass his life as he pleases? (Persius)
an quisquam est alius liber, nisi ducere vitam cui licet, ut voluit?is there a man free, other than he, who has the power of passing life in what manner he pleases? (i.e., the essence of freedom is to do as one pleases without injury to another) (Persius)
Artium magisterMaster of Arts (MA)
casusa falling /occasion, opportunity /event, accident
casusaccident, chance, fortune
Casus belliAn act used to justify war
Casus belliEvent (that is the justification for, or the cause) of war
casus bellilegitimate reason for war
casus quem sæpe transit, aliquando invenitchance (or misfortune) will at some time or another find the one whom it has often passed by (Publilius Syrus)
casus ubique valet; semper tibi pendeat hamus. Quo minime credas gurgite, piscis eritthere is scope for chance everywhere; let your hook be always ready. In the eddies where you least expect it, there will be a fish (Ovid)
est bonus, ut melior vir non alius quisquamhe is so good that no man can be better (Horace)
Eventus stultorum magisterEvents are the teacher of the stupid persons. Stupid people learn by experience, bright people calculate what to do
eventus stultorum magister (est)experience is the teacher of fools (Livy)
exercitatio optimus est magisterpractice is the best teacher
fingit equum tenera docilem cervice magister ire viam qua monstret equesthe trainer trains the docile horse to turn, with his sensitive neck, whichever way the rider indicates (Horace)
is sapiens qui se ad casus accommodet omnes; stultus pugnat in adversis ire natator aquishe is a wise man who adapts himself to all contingencies; the fool struggles like a swimmer against the stream
magistermaster, canon, master of a school, professor
Magister artis ingeniique largitor venterNecessity is the mother of all invention
magister artis ingeniique largitor venterthe belly is the teacher of arts, and the bestower of genius (i.e., hunger [necessity] is the mother of invention) (Persius)
Magister Artium (MA)Master of arts
magister dixitthe master has said so
Magister Mundi sum!I am the Master of the Universe!
multa me docuit usus, magister egregiusnecessity, that excellent master, has taught me many things (Pliny the Younger)
non est alius ingenio alius animo colorgenius does not have one form (or appearance) and courage another (Seneca)
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