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to upsetdarima(sperante)(sperante)
to upsetrasturna(galeata etc.)
1. (o haină) to turn inside out. 2. (lucrurile) to turn inside out/upside down/topsy-turvy. 3. fig. (a tulbura) to upset (smb.).a întoarce pe dos
1. inside out; upside down; upset. 2. fig. upset; out of sorts; in the blues/the dumps/the mood/the sulks.întors pe dos
1. to do smb. harm; to injure smb. 2.(a-l indispune) to sicken smb.; to make smb. sick; not to agree with smb.; to upset smb.a face rău cuiva
aprox. to be quite upset; to be beside oneself; (fam.) to feel like nothing on earth.a nu şti pe ce lume se află/este
chip upset(mas-un, met) comprimarea / presarea şpanului / aşchiilor
cold pressure upset weldingsudare la rece prin refulare
disturb; to disturb; to derange; to upset; to interrupt; to prevent; to check; to arrestzaticni
disturbance upsetacţiune perturbatoare
disturbance; trouble; inconvenience; upset; intrusionzaticneala
my digestion is upset.a avea stomacul deranjat; am ~
nominal upset force(met) forţă nominală de refulare
spring with upset endarc cu capăt refulat
the least thing upsets him; he is easily upset.orice nimic îl afectează
to be strongly affected; to be easily upsetimpresiona
to become depressed; to pe put out; to be upsetindispune
to confuse, to upsettulbura(pe cineva)
to consternate; to perplex; to upsetconsterna
to derange, to upsetderanja(a pune in neorinduiala)
to get excited/alarmed/upsetemotiona(a se nelinisti)
to unbalance, to upset; to disconcertdescumpani
to upset a project.a zădărnici un proiect
to upset; to vex; to annoy; to put outcontraria
total upsetscurtare a pieselor prin refulare
upsetrefulare; aplatizare; (met) a aplatiza, a îngroşa; a răsturna, a deranja, a rula (filete), a modifica diametrul sau o dimensiune prin deformaremecanică, a forma un cap de nit / de şurub
upsetrefulare II a răsturna; a aplatiza
upset bolt(OM) şurub cu cap forjat prin refulare
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