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among other things; among the rest; inter alia; (fam.) by the by; v. şi printre alteleîntre altele
(all) the rest of it; everything else.toate celelalte
(fam.) no end of things; and what not; (diferite) of all kinds.şi câte şi mai câte
(fam.) shut up! stash/cheese it! give it a rest! hold your tongue/noise! sl. put a sock in it.lasă gălăgia!
(fam.) things are going strong; (fam.) everything is going like clockwork; (fam.) things are going swimmingly; ~ a mers ~ everything went with a buzz/a roar/a run/a swing.totul merge ca pe roate
(fam.) things are setting into shape.lucrurile încep să capete formă/să se contureze
(fam.) things came to a full stop.totul a încetat/s-a oprit brusc
(fam.) to be on the booze; to make good cheer; (fam.) to go on a bat/the batter; (pop.) to go on the bend; amer. to whoop things up.a trage un chef
(fam.) to give smth. a rest.a o mai slăbi cu...
(fam.) to make things hum.a face ca treaba să meargă strună
(fam.) to say things that would put a monkey to the blush.a spune lucruri care fac pe toată lumea să roşească
(fam.) to see things.a avea vedenii
(fam.) to take a roseate view/ rose-coloured views of things; to see things through rose-coloured spectacles; to see/to look on the bright/ the sunny side of things.a vedea lucrurile în roz
(pop.) a lot of things; many things.multe cele(a)
(taking a) rest; recreationrecreare
1. (a înşela) (fam.) to gull/to diddle smb.; to take smb. in; sl. to have smb. on toast. 2. (a scăpa cuiva printre degete) to give smb. the bag/the slip/the go-by.a trage clapa cuiva
1. (de fapt) actually; in fact; as a matter of fact; to all intents and purposes. 2. (în esenţă) at (the) bottom; in all; at the foot of things; in substance. 3. (fundamental) fundamentali/; essentially, basically. în fonduri in funds/(fam.) tin; v. şi înîn fond
1. to climb the steepest slope/the slope at its steepest. 2. fig. to take things on the chin; to pluck/to take by the beard.a o lua pieptiş
1. to grease the wheels. 2. fig. to make things run smooth; (a mitui) see: pe cineva.a unge osia să nu scârţâie carul
a neat way of putting things.un mod abil/dibaci de a prezenta lucrurile
above all (things); of all things; first and foremost.mai presus de orice
acceleration from dead rest / stop(mec, auto) accelerare cu viteză iniţială nulă / de pe loc
air cushion; to lay/rest the head on a pillowperna(cu aer)
all sorts of things/stuffmismas(amestecura)
all sorts of things/stuff.multe şi de toate
all thingstot(toate lucrurile)
all things considered.neomiţând nimic, nimic
all things considered.ţinând seama de toate
among other things.printre altele
and (other) such things; and all that; and the like.şi altele de acelaşi fel/gen
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