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E to run a candidate; amer. (fam.) to root for a candidate.a sprijini un candidat
(as) quick as lightning; at/ with lightning speed; amer. quicker than hell.repede ca fulgerul/gândul
(as) silent as the tomb/the grave; (as) still as death/the grave; (as) close as a coffin/an oyster; (fam.) as close/tight as wax; amer. (as) dumb as a wooden Indian.tăcut ca mormântul
(as) stupid as a donkey/a goose/an owl; as silly as a goose; too silly for words; (as) dull as ditchwater; amer. (as) dumb as a wooden Indian; sl. amer. dead above the ears/from the neck up.prost ca noaptea/de dă în gropi
(by) the shortest way; by a short cut; over hedge and ditch; in a beeline; amer. across drumul cel mai scurt
(fam.) (a batjocori) to make fun of smb.; (fam.) amer. înv. m to guy the life out of smb.a da în tărbacă pe cineva
(fam.) 1. (a vagabonda) to be on the tramp/the mike/to mooch/ the bum; to trig it; amer. to pound the asphalt. 2. (a rătăci) to rove/to roam/to wander/to tramp aimlessly; (fam.) to lop/to gad about; 3. to idle/(fam.) to loll/loaf about.a umbla fără căpătâi/hai-hui/haimana
(fam.) A1; amer. A number one; A No. 1.clasa prima
(fam.) all over! amer. sl. good-bye, John!adio şi n-am cuvinte!
(fam.) amer. cut it out! v. şi ~ baltă!las-o moartă!
(fam.) amer. has the cat got your tongue?te-au muşcat albinele de limbă?
(fam.) amer. to be on the bum; v. şi a tăia frunză câinilor.a târnosi mangalul
(fam.) amer. to go it alone.a-şi lua răspunderea
(fam.) amer. to loosen up.a nu se mai jena de nimic
(fam.) argou on the level; fair/true enough; in all honesty; (now) honestly/really/indeed/truly; amer. on the dead; honest bune
(fam.) as easy as lying/as ABC/punch/ talking/winking/amer. as pie/nothing; sl. as easy as damn it.uşor ca bună ziua
(fam.) as hell; like greased lightning; as anything; as old boots/belly; - să fiu dacă... (fam.) I’ll be blowed/hanged if...; like a streak of lightning; as the devil; (fam.) to a degree; as blazes/amer. get-out/ naibii
(fam.) away with you! out you go! (get) out of the way! (fam.) you trot away! (fam.) run along! (fam.) clear out! (fam.) hop it! (fam.) bundle off/away! go to grass! sl. clear the decks! sl. screw! sl. saw your timber! sl. bugger off! amer. beat it! go chşterge-o!
(fam.) blowing hot and cold; neither off nor on; amer. sitting on a fence; v. şi - albă, - neagrănici în car, nici în căruţă (nici în teleguţă)
(fam.) complete; perfect; quite as it should be; in accordance with the regulations; by (the) book; like a book; amer. sl. about la carte
(fam.) dash it (all)! dash my buttons!/(fam.) amer. my grab(s)!măi, drăcie!; măi, să fie!
(fam.) fancy that! (fam.) o dear! (fam.) dear me! (fam.) marry come up/out! (fam.) marry gap! amer. (fam.) can you beat it/ that? (fam.) fancy that! (fam.) I say! (fam.) well, I declare! (fam.) amer. I want to know!ei, poftim
(fam.) get a move on! Come on! now then! look lively! bustle! go away! look alive/amer. sharp! make it snappy! get on the ball! stir yourmişcă(-te) (ceva mai repede)
(fam.) go to the devil! (fam.) go to hell/blazes/Jericho/amer. grass!dracul să te ia!
(fam.) în doi peri to avoid giving a clear answer amer. sl. to stall. -a răspunde evaziv
(fam.) not to be worth a farthing/a rush/a penny/a curse/an old song/a fig/a jigger/a leek/a fillip/a pin/a damn/a rap/a hill/a bean/amer. a red cent; (fam.) not to be fit for the dust-hole; (fam.) not to amount to a row of beans; sl. to cut no ice.a nu face o ceapă degerată
(fam.) shut up! dry up! switch off! hold your tongue/peace/gab/noise/ row/jaw/s/. whist! (fam.) stop your jam(ming)/your gab! sl. stash it! put a sock in it! cheese it! stow that! keep your trap shut! shut your trap! amer. blow it! sl. amer. keep your yaptacă-ţi caţa/fleanca/gura/leoarba/pliscul!
(fam.) sl. amer. to kick the crap out of smb.; v. şi a snopi ~; a bate măr.a zvânta în bătaie pe cineva
(fam.) so long! see you later! (I shall) see you again/soon! amer. I’ll be seeing curând!
(fam.) so so; not so hot; amer. (fam.) between hay and grass; (fam.) fair to middling.nici prea prea, nici foarte foarte
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