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(fam.) aprox. shilly-shally(ing); (fam.) humming and hawing.că hâr, că mâr
(a day) after the fair; too late in the day; aprox. after meat/dinner, spartul târgului
(fam.) (great) friends with someone; aprox. as thick as thieves/mud/fleas; hand and/in glove with.prieten la toartă cu cineva
(fam.) aprox. to make smb. bleed (freely).a atinge pe cineva la pungă
(fam.) aprox. to take in; (fam.) to diddle; to do Taffy; to fool; to make a fool of; (fam.) to put off with fine words; (pe cineva) (fam.) to hand smb. a lemon; (fam.) o bad smb. up the garden(-path); to get the better end of smb.; înv. to sell smb. a bara duce cu preşul/vorba/zăhărelul
(fam.) he stands the racket (for all others); aprox. pay the fiddler.turcul plăteşte
(fam.) never darken my door(s) again! aprox. go to blazes!să te văd când mi-oi vedea ceafa
(fam.) to try the patience of a saint; enough to make a person swear; aprox. he is enough to make a person swear.a scoate din sărite şi pe un sfânt
(low) bow; yours!; to (make a) bowplecaciune
(mere) hovel, hole; so many men, so many mindsbordei(casa saracacioasa)
(pop.) aprox. to do the Japanese knife trick.a mânca cu cuţitul
(pop.) aprox. to say one thing and do another.una vorbim şi başca ne înţelegem
(the) Law Courts; <~ de ocol/pace aprox.>country courtjudecatorie(in Londra)
1. (a înţelege) to understand, to grasp. 2. (a se pricepe) to have a good head for; (fam.) to be up to a thing or two; aprox. to have an inventive mind; to be resourceful.a-l tăia capul (să)
1. (fam.) to reconcile both parties, etc. 2. (fam.) aprox. to run with the hare and hunt witha împăca şi capra şi varza
1. (nehotărât) shilly-shally; blowing hot and cold; neither off nor on; hum and baw. 2. neither fish nor flesh (nor good red herring); neithernici albă, nici neagră
1. aprox. to talk like coffee house politicians; (fam.) to indulge in petty politics. 2. to have a good chat.a pune ţara la cale
1. at random/(hap)hazard; at a venture/ a guess; on a chance; hit or miss; aprox. a pot shot; pell-mell; înv. at (all) adventure. 2. (într-o doară) tentatively; v. şi în dorul întâmplare
1. prov. much cry and little wool; many words will not fill a bushel; all talk and no cinder; brevity is the soul of wit; (aprox.) fine/fair/soft words butter no parsnips. 2. (destul!) enough said!vorbă multă sărăcia omului
1. to join the dance. 2. fig. aprox. in for a penny, in for a pound.a intra în horă
1. to overlook; not to notice. 2. (intenţionat) to hush; to condone; to overlook; (fam.) to turn a blind eye to...; aprox. to make allowances for...a trece cu vederea
to allure/lure/decoy/entice smb.; to gild/sugar(-coat) the pill for smb.zaharel
Wallachian dry measure, aprox. busheldubla
a matter of course; standing to reason; which goes without saying; aprox. a foregone mintea cocoşului/omului/pisicii
a stray bullet; aprox. a pot shot.un glonţ rătăcit
aprox, it is not the coat that makes the man; v. şi nu haina îl face pe judeca omul după suman
aprox. (fam.) to egg/to hound/ to set/to urge/to whip smb. on; to give smb. hell.a băga pe cineva în draci
aprox. (fam.) to kiss and be friends.pupat Piaţa Independenţei
aprox. (fam.) to play gooseberry.între două nu te plouă
aprox. (fam.) to sing sorrow; aprox. (fam.) one may whistle for it.a fluiera a pagubă
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