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soap bubbleシャボン玉 [シャボンだま]
(air) bubble (esp. in a liquid)気泡 [きほう]
(comp) bubble jet printerバブルジェットプリンタ
(comp) bubble memoryバブルメモリ
(comp) bubble memoryバブルメモリー
(comp) bubble memoryバブル記憶装置 [バブルきおくそうち]
(comp) bubble memory磁気バブルメモリー [じきバブルメモリー]
(comp) bubble memory磁気バブル記憶装置 [じきバブルきおくそうち]
(comp) bubble sortバブルソート
active substance from plants used in manufacture of soap, detergents and medicationサポニン
bubbleバブル現象 [バブルげんしょう]
bubble boom, ephemenal boom泡沫景気 [ほうまつけいき]
bubble chamber泡箱 [あわばこ]
bubble economyバブル経済 [バブルけいざい]
bubble economy eraバブル経済時代 [バブルけいざいじだい]
bubble on surface of liquid, ephemeral, transient泡沫 [うたかた]
bubble on surface of liquid, ephemeral, transient泡沫 [ほうまつ]
bubble wrap (trademark of Kawakami Sangyo Co.)プチプチ
bubble, foam, froth, head on beer泡 [あぶく]
bubble, foam, froth, head on beer泡 [あわ]
bubble, foam, froth, head on beer沫 [あわ]
dot-com bubbleインターネットバブル
economic bubble経済バブル [けいざいバブル]
foam, bubble; nothing水泡 [すいほう]
home drama, soap operaホームドラマ
laundry soap, detergent洗濯石鹸 [せんたくせっけん]
love story, soap operaラブストーリー
medicinal soap薬用石鹸 [やくようせっけん]
melodrama, soap operaメロドラマ
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soap bubble (British spelling for reflection) act of casting back a mirror image; act of sending back energy from a surface; state of being reflected; image that is reflected; idea, concept; thought, notion; act of placing blame, accusation கலவைப் பொன்மம்; கலவை (உலோகம்), இயக்குகலன் (பெட்டி போன்ற அமைப்பு) (Chemistry) illinium (former name of the metallic element promethium); extension for an Internet address of a person or site located in Israel (Computers) cito scribendo non fit, ut bene scribatur; bene scribendo fit, ut cito kurang baik anheuern, leihen (u.E.)/anstellen, beschäftigen (u.E.)/arbeitsam, umständlich (u.E.)/aufnehmen, erfassen (u.E.)/aufschreiben, niederschreiben (u.E.)/mit einem Band befestigen (u.E.) efekt leptira; teorija o velikim posljedicama zbog gotovo beznačajnog uzroka மீட்டளிப்பு / மீளடைவு, மீட்டடைவு / விப்பு அம்மை த்துதல்; அம்மைத்தடுப்பூசி குத்துதல் ஒழுங்கற்ற நடத்தை, நெறி தவறிநடத்தல், நடை நலக்கேடு a căptuşi; a îmbrăca; (TH) a acoperi, a proteja, a căptuşi dobszóval ஓடைப் பாய்வு இழப்பி sintering atmosphere அறைகலன் மற்றும் அலுவலகப் பொருள்களின் விவரப் பட்டியல் விளிம்புமூடித்தைத்த தெறியோட்டை உண்ணி வழி நோய், உண்ணியால் பரவும் நோய் develop gradually, develop via evolutionary change, gradually change or mature over time; be developed, be changed, emit heat or gas a play made in football, along, at or to lower level, away from present location, away from university, cause to come down, knock down, shoot down; defeat; overthrow; descend; drink, swallow (Slang), chosen or arranged, covering of soft hairs, declare ... chain of mountains in northern New Hampshire, in the White Mountains. The highest peak in the range is Mount Washington, 1,917 m/6,288 ft . Adreßtabelle (f.) all the way home to show tact (when dealing with people); (fam.) to let smb. down gently. 1. (a rămâne cu ceva) to be left with smth.; to come off smth. 2. (a primi) to get smth; (a câştiga) to gain a profit; to derive some benefit. (ஹென்றி) மின்தூண்டல் அலகு படிப்படி ஊசிநீக்கித்தையலிடல் சராசரிவிரிவுக்குணகம் Синестезия, содружественное ability, ability of cell to specialize, capability; adequacy; adequate salary; qualification (Law), being legally qualified, competency, language knowledge, parole, see also:performance அடைத்தபாகம் (கொளுக்கிவேலை) agent; agency; medium; acting power படுதியூடுசெல்லவிடுகின்ற மென்றகடு multa ferunt anni venientes commoda secum; multa recedentes adimunt கட்டுப்பாட்டுத் தடம் ouch!; ah!; wow!; really! (expression of surprise, pain, pleasure, confusion), used to attract attention, used to express strong emotion, used to introduce response, used to introduce strong reaction, used to show thought best possible, constituting a maximum, greatest, most, utmost, highest; associated with a maximum about to happen, allowing little space between, bring deal to closure, cadence, close down, close off, closely guarded, closely related, come or bring together, complete an electrical circuit, cover an opening, cut very short, deactivate and store file... perusmaksu, perusvakuutusmaksu astrum to have great/high regard for smb.; to hold smb. in great regard. განათლება, აღზრდა, აღმზრდელობითი (Optics) pertaining to dioptrics, pertaining to the branch of optics which deals with image formation via lenses; of the refraction of light, of refraction Lasche (n.) மூட்டுப்பையெடுப்பு (in right triangles) ratio of the length of the side opposite an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse (Trigonometry), mathematical function on circle, trigonometric function for angles (Yiddish) nerve, gall, audacity; self-confidence, courage to become acquainted with...; to make oneself acquainted with... debavurare, curăţare, îndreptare a discului abraziv; reglaj fin, ajustarea acordului; bordură, margine; balansare; echilibrare, egalizare; călcare, aburire (despre textile); punere în ordine; egalizare