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relating to bioclimatologybioclimatic
(about a word) having the same pronunciation as another word but a different meaning, relating to homophony, sounding the samehomophonic
(Anatomy) located beneath the clavicle; of or relating to a subclavian structure, under the collarbonesubclavian
(Archaic) of an hour, indicating the hour; occurring every hour, hourly, relating to hourhorary
(Astronomy) pertaining to the stars; determined according to the stars, relating to starssidereal
(Biology) of a centromere, relating to a centromere (area of a chromosome)centromeric
(Biology) pertaining to atavism (appearance of a trait belonging to a distant ancestor that has been dormant in recent generations), relating to genetic reappearance, uncivilized and instinctiveatavistic
(Chemistry) of or containing molybdenum (metallic element used to strengthen and harden steel), relating to molybdenum with a high valencemolybdic
(Chemistry) of or containing molybdenum (metallic element used to strengthen and harden steel), relating to molybdenum with a low valencemolybdous
(Computers) search for data on the Web using the search mechanism Google; search on the Internet for particulars relating to new or likely to be girlfriend or boyfriendgoogle
(Law) of law, legal; pertaining to rights and obligations, relating to law, relating to rightsjural
2,000th anniversary, bimillennial, bimillennium, relating to 2bimillenary
3-color, combining primary colors, having to do with the use of three colors, relating to normal color vision, trichrome, trichromictrichromatic
5th note of scale, chord based on 5th note, controlling, commanding, fifth, fifth note of the scale (Music), in control, more important, preponderant in a community or period, producing same characteristic in offspring, relating to 5th note of scaledominant
7 years, containing 7, group of 7, group of seven items; period of seven years; number 7, line of verse containing 7 feet, pertaining to the number 7; of a period of seven years; occurring every seven years; comprising a group of seven items, relating ...septenary
a sheep with fine long wool of a breed originating in the Cotswolds, England, relating to the CotswoldsCotswold
ability to do arithmetic, basic math, calculation using basic mathematics, relating to arithmetic, use of numbersarithmetic
able to guide itself to target, pertaining to that which goes home, relating to ability to return homehoming
aboriginal American, relating to indigenous American peoplesNative American
above all, in the main, mainly, primarily, relating to chiefschiefly
above material world, exalted, relating to stars, starry, stellar, pertaining to starsastral
abstinent, self-denying, celibate; austere, severe, one who practices self-denial for spiritual discipline, abstainer, recluse, hermit, relating to asceticism, somebody who leads austere lifeascetic
academic discipline relating to the environmentenvironmental studies
achieved by dialectic, involving dialectic, logical, rational, polemical, relating to dialectdialectical
acoustical, acoustics, designed for use with sound, musical instrument without amplification, not amplified, relating to sound, science of sound; property of transmitting sound, vocal, sonic; auditory; of soundacoustic
across the sea, from beyond the sea; over the sea, beyond or across the sea; foreign, relating to place across sea, somewhere beyond sea, traveling across seaoverseas
act of renting something, available to lease or rent, for rent, money paid as rent; income earned from rent payments; property that is leased or rented; act of leasing, relating to rent, rent income, renting business, something rentablerental
acting as a mnemonic, memory aid, of or designed to assist the memory, relating to mnemonics, something that is designed to assist the memory (often referring to a word or group of words that can be associated with the information being remembered)mnemonic
acting as vowel, of or pertaining to vowels; containing many vowels; characterized by vowels, relating to vowels, vocalvocalic
activation (of a device), relating to or used in surgery (e.g. tools, table, etc.); acting, functioning; managing, using, activatingoperating
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