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prevent hunger and povertykeep the wolf from the door
(about clothing or fabric) unshrinkable, shrunk beforehand in order to prevent later shrinkage in the laundry, already shrunkpreshrunk
(Medicine) spasm of muscles to reduce motion or agitation of areas affected by injury or disease; (in Basketball) act of going after a rival around the court to prevent him from getting close to the basket while avoiding illegal contactguarding
(Sports) to pitch a ball outside of the area of the plate to prevent a base runner stealing a base (Baseball); lateral underhand pass from a quarterback to a running back (American football), lateral pass behind line of scrimmage, pitch out of strike zonepitchout
40 days, detain, hold in isolation, hold in confinement, isolate to avoid spread of disease, isolation to prevent spread of disease, confinement; blockage, enforcement of sanctions, place of isolation, state or period of isolation, time of enforced iso...quarantine
a fortified wall surrounding West Berlin, Germany, built in 1961 to prevent East German citizens traveling to the West. Its demolition in 1989 marked the end of the Cold War.Berlin Wall
a portable oil-burning lamp, formerly used by miners, in which the flame is protected by metal gauze to prevent it from igniting explosive gases undergroundDavy lamp
a trademark for a lip balm in the form of a stick, applied to the lips to prevent or relieve chappingChap Stick
accept lower standards than usual, poor area, poor neighborhood, densely populated poverty-stricken area of a city; run-down and squalid residence that is unfit for human habitation, visit slums, visit poor run-down neighborhoods (especially out of cur...slum
act beforehand to address something imminent, expect something, predict; precede; hurry and come before, look forward to something, prevent something, start something ahead of time, use something not yet receivedanticipate
act of choking; throttle (in a car), artichoke, be too moved to speak, block passage or channel, fuel mixture regulator for engine, inedible central part of artichoke, lose nerve and falter, noise of choking, prevent breathing by constricting throat, p...choke
act of removing the ovaries of a female animal in order to prevent breeding (Veterinary Medicine)spaying
act to prevent something, make bridge bid that blocks others, occupy a place, take a place; obtain at an advance opportunity, acquire by preemptive right, occupy something, preemptive bid, replace somethingpreempt
action that stops something from happening, aversion, avoidance; act of delaying, act of forestalling; hindrance, impediment, something that acts to prevent somethingprevention
affected by poverty, deficient, deserving pity, indigent, poor; miserable, woeful; wretched, pitiable; deficient, lacking, inferior, lacking productive potential, lacking skill, low in valuation, low or inadequate, not rich, people who are poor, people...poor
airfoil, arc in Gothic window, cover with foil, frustrate, balk; prevent someone from succeeding; act as a contrast for; cover or coat with a thin sheet of metal, good contrast, hydrofoil, light sword; thin metal sheets (i.e. aluminum foil); person or ...foil
ambitious, avid, causing hunger, needing to eat, feeling a desire to eat; longing, yearning, wanting to eathungry
an imitation, false, fake, jeer; mimic; imitate; scorn; ridicule, mimic somebody, object of scorn, practice, pretend, prevent something, mockery, treat something with scornmock
anticipate, hinder sale of, prevent or hinder, thwart, frustrate; prevent, ward off; act in advanceforestall
anticoagulant from leeches, substance used in medicine to prevent clottinghirudin
antiterrorism, offensive measures taken in order to prevent or respond to an act of terrorismCT (counterterrorism)
apply uniformly, applying generally, bed covering, quilt, comprehensive, inclusive, cover to suppress, cover with layer, coat, covering layer, large piece of thick cloth, layer around core of nuclear reactor, prevent wind reaching sailsblanket
area of natural ground along coast, balcony, buildings set on raised ground, construct a porch, build a patio or deck; create many narrow flat levels in a hillside (for agriculture or to prevent erosion), constructed bank of ground, flat area beside a ...terrace
artificial embankment beside a river, build a dike, create an embankment along a river to prevent flooding; create a raised edge around an irrigated field (Agriculture), build a levee, embankment built along a river to prevent flooding; raised edge aro...levee
at the back, get in the way of, interference with ball, slow down; disturb; preventhinder
attack somebody continuously, attacking flow of something, fire continuously on enemy, military bombardment, overwhelm or bombard with questions, river barrier, river dam; barrier of artillery fire to prevent enemy advance, bombardment; numerous questionsbarrage
averting, avoiding, acting to prevent; delaying, inhibiting, hindering; designed to avert or prevent unwanted events or circumstances, preventative, safeguard, means of prevention, something used to avert an unwanted situation or event, something that ...preventive
avoid involvement, prevent exposurekeep out of
baffle or become baffled, hesitate with second thoughts, make a trivial mistake, prevent; hesitate; be shocked, be awed; shock, see also:mind-bogglingboggle
ban by law, exclusion from church sacraments, prevent enemy use, prevent illegal entry, prohibit, forbid; deny certain religious privileges (Roman Catholicism); hinder enemy progress with steady bombardment (Military), prohibition; prohibitive order is...interdict
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