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one who irons, one who removes wrinkles from clothes with an ironironer
(about hair, clothing, etc.) wear loosely, let fall in disorder; disarrange, make untidy, mess something up, muss clothes or hairdishevel
(Chemistry) containing iron; pertaining to ironferric
(Fe) metallic element (Chemistry); device used to remove wrinkles from fabric; items made from iron metal, `:Fe, clothes presser, computer hardware, cover with iron, fetter prisoner, handgun, harsh character, heated tool, made of iron, resembling iron,...iron
(Informal) clothes particularly old or tattered clothes; belongings, small belongingsduds
(Medicine) genetic disorder in which the body absorbs too much iron and stores it in the bodily organs (can cause organ damage, diabetes, and skin discoloration), excess storage of iron in bodyhemochromatosis
(Slang) clothesthreads
(Trademark) a strong rust resistant stretchable nickel-copper alloy, a trademark for a corrosion-resistant alloy of nickel and copper with some iron, manganese, and aluminumMonel
a trademark for a mixture of aluminum powder and metal oxide, usually of iron, that gives off great heat when ignited.Thermit; Thermite
a trademark for an iron, nickel, and carbon alloy that is used for making watch springsInvar
a trademark for various nickel-iron alloys that are highly valued in the electronics industry because they allow magnetic fields to pass through themPermalloy
abdominal pain, bar with bent ends, be affected with cramp, confine, impede, restrain; constrict; fasten with a clamp, confined place, cramp iron, device for holding things together, hamper, hold together, muscle contraction; clamp, bar which holds obj...cramp
ability to last, act of wearing, be dressed in (clothes, shoes, jewelry, glasses, etc.); lose quality gradually; be used up; end; be preserved, remain intact, bring a ship about, clothing of a particular kind (i.e. sportswear, eveningwear); erosion, co...wear
absorbs moisture, drying, drying agent, substance which absorbs moisture, substance that removes moisturedesiccant
accurate, clothes needing special washing and drying, easily offended, fine, fragile, easily broken; sensitive, frail, needing tact, refined, skillful, subtledelicate
acquired in school or college, ceremonious; conventional; according to custom; stiff; strict; symmetrical; requiring fancy dress, clothes, conventionally correct, elegant to wear, important occasion, methodical, not familiar in style, occasion which re...formal
act of burning with a hot iron; act of stigmatizing, act of marking with disgracebranding
act of removing wrinkles from clothes with an iron; clothing set aside to be ironed, pressing clothesironing
act of scrubbing or cleaning; laundry; items to be laundered; thin coating; water or residue left over after cleaning, clothes for washing, doing laundry, liquid used for washingwashing
act of shaving, barely touch in passing, reduce amount slightly, removal of body hair with a razor; shaving, thin slice; shaving tool, device which removes thin slices, remove a thin layer of, remove body hair with a razor; cut thin slices from; pass v...shave
adapt something, clothes maker, make clothes for particular need, one who makes or alters garments, work as a tailor; make or alter a garment; create or adapt for a particular need or desire, work as tailortailor
adult female animal, adult female hog, mature female pig, channel for molten iron, hardened iron, introduce an idea, plant seed, plant seeds; scatter, disperse, spread thicklysow
advertiser of fairground attractions, barking dog, machine that removes bark from trees; animal which barks; person who attracts clients by speaking loudly, tree stripperbarker
African American person, black ball, black color bets are placed on, black material or clothes, black piece, black ring on archery target, bruise the eye, clandestine, coal-colored dye or pigment, color black, color that absorbs but does not reflect
agent that removes ions from solutionsequestrant
allowing no change, of cast iron, very strongcast-iron
alloy that contains iron (Chemistry), iron alloy used in steel productionferroalloy
amorphous hydroxide of iron (found in certain rocks); pure iron; substance containing iron, form of iron occurring in steel, iron mineral, magnetic iron oxideferrite
anchor for a small boat, device with hooks, grapple, grappling, grappling iron, hooked anchor; hook; grappling irongrapnel
angle ironangle bar
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