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island in Indonesia; city in southern Tamil Nadu (state in southeastern India)Madura
(about God) divine omniscience, state of being all-knowing; foreknowledge; foresight, ability to foresee future events, advance knowledge of thingsprescience
(also known as Lviv) city in western UkraineLvov
(also known as Mogul) empire located in India famous for its archictecture painting and carpets (1526-1857)Mughal
(Archaic) deck of a ship, side of a ship; state of being on board a ship, designed for use on a ship; occurring or happening on a ship, occurring on board shipshipboard
(Biology) condition of alternating sexual and asexual reproduction; state of hermaphroditism or alternating maleness and femaleness, periodic parasitismheterogony
(Biology) state of being heterozygous, state of containing a dissimilar pair of genes for any hereditary characteristicheterozygosity
(Biology) state of having three or more times the normal number of chromosomes (about cells)polyploidy
(British spelling for complection) overall appearance of the skin; state of things, general condition, character, skin typecomplexion
(British spelling for complectional) of facial complexion, of the appearance of the skin and face; of the state of things, of the current situationcomplexional
(British spelling for reflection) act of casting back a mirror image; act of sending back energy from a surface; state of being reflected; image that is reflected; idea, concept; thought, notion; act of placing blame, accusationreflexion
(British) small islandait
(Chemistry, Physics) act of supersaturating; state of being supersaturatedsupersaturation
(formerly) Consumer Value Stores, American corporation headquartered in Rhode Island, operator of two national retail drug store chains, chorionic villus samplingCVS
(French) careless or disheveled state of dress; garment worn at home (house dress, pyjamas, etc.), dishabilledeshabille
(Hinduism and Jainism) being set free from the cycle of reincarnation; transcendental state arrived at by being set free from this cycle, release from rebirthmoksha
(in India and Burma) member of a gang of organized criminals who commit violent robberies and murders, Burmese or Indian robber, dakoitdacoit
(in India and Burma) robbery or other violent crime committed by a gang of organized criminals, dakoity, robbery by dacoitsdacoity
(India) park ground, open areamaidan
(Informal) city in northern California (USA)Frisco (San Francisco)
(Informal) greatest number amount or extent (from U.S. Southern and Black English)mostest
(Informal) Las Vegas (gambling city in Nevada, USA)Vegas
(Informal) resident of Oklahoma (USA); worker from Oklahoma (USA); native of Okinawa (island southwest of Japan) (derogatory)Okie
(Italian) plaza, public square; concourse, city square; balcony, veranda, Italian public square, open-sided passageway, porchpiazza
(Kingdom of Bahrain) independent state in the Persian GulfBahrain
(Latin) ancient Roman game of chance based on the use of dice; (Classical Mythology) nickname of Athena that refers to a holy place built in her honor by Aleus; old city located on the Eastern border of Arcadiaalea
(Medicine) disorder caused by an excess of bile in the blood (characterized by yellowness of the skin, lethargy and loss of appetite); cynical attitude, prejudice, bitterness, affect somebody with jaundice, cynical state of mind, distort, bias, warp, i...jaundice
(Medicine) muscular rigidity and lack of contact with the environment (associated with schizophrenia), state resembling trancecatalepsy
(Nautical) fasten with a rope, tie down with a rope; thread a rope through a block or pulley, Canadian town council president, district official, fasten something by reeving, female sandpiper, head of a city council, chief administrator of a town, repr...reeve
(nickname for) infamous prison located on the island of Alcatraz (in the San Francisco Bay)The Rock
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island in Indonesia; city in southern Tamil Nadu (state in southeastern India) (உயரத்திற்கு ஏற்ப) வெப்ப நிலை குறையும் வீதம் A technical analyst who charts the patterns of stocks, bonds, and commodities to find trends in patterns of trading used to advise clients. Related: technical analysts. venerealwart (in vertebrates) section of the body between the thorax and the pelvis in which most of the digestive organs are located, belly; section of the body behind the thorax (Entomology), body section containing stomach, rear part of insect தடுப்பாற்றுச் செனித்திறன் entertaining musical composition performed between the acts of a play or opera; short piece of music placed between two larger sections of a composition; short musical composition, interlude, short movement in a longer musical work abandon in a desolate place (especially an island), brownish-red, brownish-red color; explosive device making a loud noise (British); act of abandoning someone in a deserted place (especially an island), deep purplish-red, deep purplish-red color, desc... அதிகால்சிய இரத்தம் (Asquith-Herbert Henry) former prime minister of Great Britain; (Christopher) American author; (Rober) English thespian; (Edwards-Williams) American chemist (researched the relative motion of the Earth) koupit rundu (காமன்வெல்த்) நாட்டுப் பேராளர் உயர் ஆணையர் அதிகாரமற்ற கைப்பற்று , அதிகாரம் பெறாத அனுபோகம் to splodge through the mud; to slop about in the mud; to puddle about; to squelch through the mud. bănuiam şi eu I thought as much; I thought so. apărătoare înclinată, disipator înclinat (de căldură); (T) deflector înclinat de lubrifiant அதிசக்கரையிரத்தம் அறமுறைத் துறை; (நீதித்) துறை to be a home bird; (fam.) to be a regular stay-at-home/a sit-by-the-fire. Hezbollah aprox. day in and day out; day in, day out. bragged agreement in writing ikincil sınama Soloist splinting pretty much itkijänainen Togolese błąd odczytu beetling machine combibo päivitystiedosto bicolored antbird ஆவணம் Clé plate double By help from on high to be down on somebody when are you leaving government institution exercitiu(al functiilor) Atlantic and Pacific empanada de salmón bookdealer (n.), bookseller (n.), (spezialisiert auf die Belieferung von Bibliotheken auch:) library book jobber US (Fleisch-) Frikadellen (pl.) knjigovodstveni trošak odan ystävällisyys how much are they அமைப்பு இயல் கொள்கை chestnut forest rail