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infliction of a punishment as a payback for an injury or a wrong, retribution, retaliation, revengevengeance
(about an organ or tissue) located in the wrong placeheterotopic
(Biblical) tower built by the descendants of Noah in an attempt to reach heaven (as a punishment, God created many different languages so they could not understand one another)Tower of Babel
(Grammar) grammatical unit usually comprised of a subject and verb (generally begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark); judgment specifying the punishment for a crime (Law), allocate somebody punishment, impose a punishment, penal...sentence
(Medicine) spasm of muscles to reduce motion or agitation of areas affected by injury or disease; (in Basketball) act of going after a rival around the court to prevent him from getting close to the basket while avoiding illegal contactguarding
a trademark for a narcotic pain reliever used for severe injury, cancer, or chronic painFortral
abandon person, abandon place, forsake; leave the army without permission, arid area, barren land, deprived place, leave army without permission, lifeless place, punishment or reward, wasteland, area where there is little rainfalldesert
ability to be proved wrong, ability to be disprovedrefutability
absurd misuse of words (especially the confusion of words which have a similar sound but a different meaning), example of malapropism, unintentional use of wrong wordmalapropism
accepted moral standards, how right or wrong something is, integrity; ethics; chastity; conformity to accepted rules of conduct, moral lessonmorality
accuse of a wrong, formally accuse of a crime (Law); accuse, charge, criticize, formally charge accused personindict
act done in response, reciprocal act; compensation, repayment; revenge, retaliation, repayment or retaliationrequital
act in retaliation, get revenge foravenge
act of bending backwards; act of vengeance, retaliation; act of turning an argument against the person who made it, retorsionretortion
act of compensating, compensation, correction, act of remedying a problem or injustice; compensation, damages awarded for injustice or injury, dress again; correct a wrong, remedy an injustice; compensate, pay damages for an injustice or injury, impose...redress
act of damning, condemning, cursing; state of being damned, angry exclamation, condemnation, punishmentdamnation
act of excusing somebody, excuse somebody for something impolite, forgive somebody for wrongdoing, forgive; absolve; grant clemency, forgiveness; absolution; clemency, indulgence, interj, paper authorizing freedom from punishment, release from punishme...pardon
act of giving in to desire; something which gratifies, luxury; leniency, tolerance; humoring, pampering; partial remission of punishment (Roman Catholicism), remission of punishment for sin, something allowed as luxury, time for repayment, tolerant att...indulgence
act of imposing or meting out (punishment, etc.); act of causing something unpleasant (suffering, etc.); something inflicted (suffering, etc.)infliction
act of paying, money paid, money paid toward a debt; wage, salary; compensation, bonus; punishment, rewardpayment
act of poisoning in retaliationcounterpoison
act of punishing, discipline, penalty; fine, financial penalty, penalty for doing something wrong, rough usepunishment
act of retorting an argument, act of turning an argument against the person who made it; retaliation, reprisal, retortionretorsion
act of strengthening, fortification; reward or punishment designed to encourage or discourage a particular response (Psychology); act of reinforcing, added support, additional troops or weapons, something added to increase strengthreinforcement
act of striking back, act of taking revenge; requital, reciprocation, act of paying back in kindretaliation
act of suspecting; condition of being suspected; mistrust, doubt; very small amount, trace, feeling of something wrong, small amount of somethingsuspicion
action not considered moral, bring dishonor on a woman, cause suffering to; behave unjustly toward; injure, harm, violate; malign, discredit, discredit somebody, in wrong direction, incorrect, incorrect; erroneous; mistaken; erring; unjust; inappropria...wrong
activity or subject, calm controlled behavior, church rules, conscious control over lifestyle, make yourself do something regularly, making people obey rules, order and control, punish, punish; bring order; train, punishment, teach obedience or order t...discipline
adverse effect, be harmed, cause harm, cause injury, cost, harm or injury, harm; (Slang) expense, cost (e.g., "What is the damage for the drinks we had at the bar?"), money paid as compensationdamage
affront, offense, rude remark or action, be offensive, injury or an injuring agent, offensive words or action, show contempt, something showing contempt, speak or act in a rude or contemptuous manner, offendinsult
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