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inclusiveness, wideness of rangecatholicity
(American Slang) negro, black person, applying generally, of or pertaining to a class or kind; of a genus (Biology); of goods or medication sold without a brand name, generic drug, suitable for a broad range, with general namegeneric
(Music) early type of modern jazz music that began in the 1940s (characterized by emphasized improvisation, quick melodies, and a wide range of chords), a spell of dancing, bebop, blow delivered, dance, go casually, hit, blow (Slang), strike a blow, hi...bop
(Music) early type of modern jazz music that began in the 1940s (characterized by emphasized improvisation, quick melodies, and a wide range of chords), fast complex jazzbebop
(Music) low alto, voice range between soprano and tenor; singer with a contralto voice, low speaking voice, lowest female vocal range, part for contralto, somebody with contralto singing voicecontralto
1) Notice given by a dealer (through Autex ) or customer of his interest in buying or selling stock, sometimes including specific volume and price; 2) approximation of where a specialist sees buy and sell interest to tighten the range to an opening price.Indication
A chart pattern reflecting price fluctuations within a narrow range, generating a rectangular area on a chart both prior to and after sharp rises or declines.Flag
A technical analysis tool: a chart pattern depicting the period when the supply and demand of a certain stock are in relative equilibrium resulting in a narrow trading range. The merging of the support level and resistance level.Base
ability to perceive sounds that are not within the normal range of experience (i.e. voices of the dead)clairaudience
ability to perceive stimuli or events at a distance that is beyond the usual range of the senses, extrasensory perception, telaesthesiatelesthesia
ability to perceive stimuli or events at a distance that is beyond the usual range of the senses, telesthesiatelaesthesia
able to change, changeable, fluctuating, inconstant; fickle; having a quantity that is unfixed; deviating from the norm, differing from the species norm, fluctuating design criterion, inconsistent, likely to blow differently, logic symbol, range of valuesvariable
able to withstand only slight variations in temperature (Biology), living within narrow temperature rangestenothermal
act of cleaning with a broom; continuous curving motion or shape; continuous extent; reach; chimney sweep; search made to remove hidden electronic listening devices, bout of cleaning with a brush, broad range, brush against the ground, brushing stroke,...sweep
act of looking at something, consider something, inspect something, observe something, opinion, perspective, pictorial representation, range of vision, scene, see; observe; regard, survey, think of somebody or something, vista, scenery, sight; opinion,...view
act of straddling, apply to more than one thing, be over or across something, favor both sides, fire shells for range, noncommittal position, position across or over something, sit or stand with legs astride something, sit or stand with the legs spread...straddle
act of using a broom, extensive, general, having a wide range; moving over or through a large area; moving rapidly and forcefully, on a large scale, overwhelming, removal of dust and dirt with a broom, too general, with broad extentsweeping
activist group, basic unit of living thing, dependent religious house, loculus, smallest unit of life, range of mobile phone transmitter, room for holding prisoner, small enclosed structure, small room, solar cell, something that produces electricity, ...cell
additional range of merchandise, area of a playing field, exclude somebody, keep player out of game, line of merchandise that is secondary to the principal line; secondary business or activity; line that marks the boundary on a playing field (Sports); ...sideline
administrative unit, area of the body, area or aspect, territory, domain; field, area of activity or interest, sphere, ecological area, geographic area, large indefinite area, range within which figure fallsregion
aircraft navigation network, omnidirectional radio rangeomnirange
align or classify somebody or something, area of effective operation, area where organism is normally found, arrange things in line, category defined by limits, deal with a number of things, determine the range of a target; extend, stretch; vary, fluct...range
all participants except favorite, area of activity, area of agricultural land, area of force, area of military operations, area rich in resources, area; domain, range; piece of land; space designated for an item of information in a record (Computers); ...field
amusing person, ask for identification, cardstock, variety of stiff paper available in a range of thicknesses, collectable stiff paper with picture, colored card shown to soccer player, comb and clean wool or cotton, untangle wool or cotton fibers in p...card
any of a number of iron oxide minerals which range in color from yellowish-brown to black (Mineralogy), kind of iron orelimonite
apparent horizon, celestial horizon, circle on apparent sphere of sky, circle on celestial sphere, distinct layer of soil, geological layer, line where the sky appears to meet the Earth, place where earth meets sky, range of experience, sensible horizonhorizon
Applies to derivative products. Option strategy consisting of both puts and calls at different strike prices that capitalizes on a narrow range of volatility. The payoff diagram takes the shape of a bird.Condor
apply coating to, become or make known, bed or table cover, commodities market transaction, difference between bid and offer, disperse, display, distance between things, expanse of land, extend in range, extend in time, extend widely, extended, extensi...spread
area of high pressure, backbone of animal, form ridges, mark with ridges; form ridges, mountain range, chain of mountains; crest, thin uppermost edge; long raised strip or rib, raised land formation, raised part on bone, ridge on ocean floor, ridgeline...ridge
as compared with, at, before hour, conscious again, forms infinitive, indicates attachment, indicates direction, indicates direction of feeling or action, indicates equality, indicates position, indicates purpose, indicates range, indicates recipient,
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