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excessive, not reasonable; irrational, preposterous; excessive, unfair, not subject to reasonunreasonable
(about a pronoun) referring to the subject (Grammar); (about a verb) having a subject and object with the same referent (Grammar); reflective; pertaining to an involuntary physiological response, (Grammar) objective pronoun which refers to the subject,...reflexive
(c540-470 BC) Greek philosopher who stated that reason is the only constant in an ever-changing worldHeraclitus
(Grammar) fundamental part of a sentence that contains a verb and provides details about the subject of a sentence (such as attributes, action, etc.), assert something about subject of statement, base on, found on; establish, set; ascribe, base somethi...predicate
(Grammar) grammatical unit usually comprised of a subject and verb (generally begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark); judgment specifying the punishment for a crime (Law), allocate somebody punishment, impose a punishment, penal...sentence
(Grammar) verb form used to show that the subject is being acted upon (rather than performing an action), expressing action done to the subject, influenced by something external, lacking a power source, not actively taking part, not managed by the inve...passive
(interjunction) exclamation, because of, conj. for what reason; because of which, for what reason?; for what purpose?, interj. Oh! (cry of surprise), reason; for what reason?; for what purpose?why
(Internet) rant or write unceasingly and fanatically on a relatively dull subject with an obviously absurd attitude or with animosity toward a particular person or group of people on Usenet; write insulting words about a person, angry e-mail message, b...flame
(Medicine) presence of an excessive amount of fat in the blood (also lipaemia), excess of fat in bloodlipemia
(north england) like something, apprehend mentally, arrogance, excessive pride, haughtiness, conceitedness, exaggerated comparison in literature, imaginative idea, too much pride in yourself, whimsical object, witty expressionconceit
(north england) money, brass musical instrument group or players, brass musical instruments, category of musical instruments; type of metal alloy which consists of zinc and copper, excessive self-assurance, high-ranking officers, item made of brass, it...brass
(symbol) +, adding emphasis, affirmative, basic form of modifier, beneficial, cell plate or terminal, electropositive, empirical, encouraging good behavior, image like the subject, indicating presence of something in test, irrefutable, making light con...positive
a soaking, almost vertical, excessive, having a sharp slope, precipitous; expensive, exorbitant; extreme, immerse in liquid, liquid for soaking, permeate, rapid or huge, soak in a liquid, immerse in liquid; saturate, imbue, something steep, taxingsteep
ability to adapt to new situation, being able to bend without breaking, being subject to influence, elasticity, pliability, ability to bend or be bentflexibility
ability to appreciate something, any of the five faculties of perception (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste); feeling, sensation; recognition, awareness; impression; intelligence; something that is reasonable; significance, meaning; purpose, point; m...sense
ability to be concluded through reasondeducibility
ability to read and write, ability to read and write; education; familiarity with a particular subject or field, skill in particular subjectliteracy
ability to reason and understand; cleverness, brilliance; knowledge, information; collecting of information; government or military agency which collects information about other governments and potentially subversive individuals, ability to think and l...intelligence
able to adapt to new situation, able to bend without breaking, elastic, easily bent, pliable, subject to influenceflexible
able to be asserted, can be approved, confirmable; verifiable, can be ascertained as true, predicate than can be used for a subject (Logic); something that can be verified, something that can be affirmed, quality that describes somethingpredicable
able to be charged, subject to a chargechargeable
able to be colored or painted, feigning validity, looking reasonable but not socolorable
able to be fined, punishable by a fine, subject to a finefinable
able to be instructed, teachable; deserving of discipline; subject to disciplinary actiondisciplinable
able to be occupied, capable of being defended in battle, resistant, may be carried out, with reasonable arguments to support ittenable
able to be understood, comprehensible, conceivable, capable of being understood, reasonableunderstandable
able to grow, able to survive outside the womb, capable of living; having a reasonable chance of succeeding, practical; having the ability to survive outside the uterus (of a fetus), practicable or worthwhileviable
able to reason, able to think clearly and sensibly, expressible as ratio of polynomials, in accordance with reason and logic, logical, reasonable; intelligent, prudent; expressible as a whole number (Mathematics), rational number, reasonable and sensiblerational
able to think rationally, based on logic; reasonable; simulated, looks and acts like the real thing but is not genuine (Computers), of philosophical logic, sensible and based on factslogical
able to understand, comprehensive, comprehensive examination, covering many eventualities, extensive, including much, large in scope; having a thorough understanding of a subject or subjects, including all, inclusivecomprehensive
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