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excessive censorshipComstockery
(Medicine) presence of an excessive amount of fat in the blood (also lipaemia), excess of fat in bloodlipemia
(north england) like something, apprehend mentally, arrogance, excessive pride, haughtiness, conceitedness, exaggerated comparison in literature, imaginative idea, too much pride in yourself, whimsical object, witty expressionconceit
(north england) money, brass musical instrument group or players, brass musical instruments, category of musical instruments; type of metal alloy which consists of zinc and copper, excessive self-assurance, high-ranking officers, item made of brass, it...brass
a soaking, almost vertical, excessive, having a sharp slope, precipitous; expensive, exorbitant; extreme, immerse in liquid, liquid for soaking, permeate, rapid or huge, soak in a liquid, immerse in liquid; saturate, imbue, something steep, taxingsteep
abnormal accumulation of fluid, excessive traffic or people, having too much information to transfer, overcrowding; abnormal accumulation (of blood, etc.)congestion
abnormal dryness of the eyes, excessive dryness (Medicine)xerosis
abnormal enlargement of a part or organ; excessive growth, affect with hypertrophy; be affected with hypertrophy, enlargement by cell growth, get bigger by cell growth, unnecessary complexityhypertrophy
abnormal growth of hair, excessive hairiness (disease)hirsutism
abnormal milk secretion, excessive flow of milk (in a lactating woman)galactorrhea
abnormal widening of the pupil of the eye (Medicine), excessive dilation of pupilsmydriasis
abnormally frequent and fluid bowel movements, frequent and excessive bowel movements, watery fecesdiarrhea
abnormally huge appetite, diet of many foods, strong desire to eat; excessive need to eat; practice of feeding on many types of food (Zoology)polyphagia
abnormally large urine output, excessive urinationdiuresis
abnormally strong desire to eat, excessive craving for food (Pathology)sitomania
abrupt change to ordinary style, anticlimax, excessive pathos, melodrama, absurdity (in writing or speech)bathos
abundance, full amount; excessive supply, excessive quantity, overabundance, give somebody enough or too much, inundate, fill to overflowing; stuff; overeat; feed to excess, oversupply, oversupply somethingglut
abundant, beyond what is reasonable, flamboyant, lavish, profligate; costly; excessive, spending too much, unreasonably high in priceextravagant
abundant, plentiful; excessive, superfluous; unnecessarily repetitive; serving as a duplicate back-up system for use in the event of failure of the primary system; unemployed, laid-off, backup, dismissed from work, repeating meaningredundant
acidity, excessive acidity, production of excess acidhyperacidity
act lewd; behave wildly; waste irresponsibly, be wanton, desiring to do harm, excessive, lewd or lascivious person; pampered person; one who is flirtatious, lush, playful, random, sexually indiscriminate, somebody growing unruly, somebody playful, some...wanton
act of annoying, act of irritating; state of being irritated; something which annoys or aggravates; inflammation, excessive sensitivity (Medicine), annoyance, inflaming, reaction to irritant, somebody or something annoyingirritation
act of charging too much, charge too much, exaggerate something, excessive charge, excessive price; act of charging and excessive price, overfill or overload something, overprice; fill a battery or circuit with an excessive amount of electrical charge;...overcharge
act of printing another color or additional material on a surface that has already been printed; printing of an excessive amount; postage stamp which has been overprinted with additional information, add printing to something, additional printing, over...overprint
act or instance of selling more than can be provided or manufactured; excessive promotion of goods; act or instance of extolling a person or thing too highlyoverselling
actor employed as walk-on, building superintendent, especially, excellent, excessive, great!, high-octane gasoline, open-weave fabric for book bindings, pref. over, above; superior in quantity or quality, something bigger or better, strengthen with sup...super
affect or be affected by fungus, cover with mildew; affect with mildew; become mouldy from excessive exposure to moisture, fungal disease of plants, gray or white fungus, soft green or black area (often fuzzy) caused by a fungus that sometimes grows on...mildew
affected by excessive and uncontrollable sexual desires (Psychology)nymphomaniacal
affected by smoke, colored like smoke, emitting smoke; full of smoke; hazy, cloudy; darkened with smoke; resembling smoke; gray, having the color of smoke; flavored with smoke, filled with smoke, giving off excessive smoke, tasting of smokesmoky
agitated state, coat with lather, form a lather; become lathered with sweat (as of a horse); coat with lather; beat, hit (Slang), produce lather, soapy foam; frothy foam formed by excessive sweating; nervous state, agitated condition (Slang), soapy fro...lather
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