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component of clayclay mineral
(about a mixture) separated into component ingredients; broken up into sections or partsfractionated
(Biochemistry) phospholipid, fatty compound comprised of a fatty acid bonded to a phosphate group and an organic molecule (major component of cell membranes)phosphatide
(Cell Biology) component of the Golgi apparatus, series of two or more stacked cisternae; cell organelle in plants which corresponds to the Golgi apparatus in animal cellsdictyosome
(Electricity) device that causes electrical resistance (used to control the flow of an electrical current), component controlling the flow of electricityresistor
, , ,(new zealand) residence, component or assembly of components, discrete part, drug amount, group of military personnel, group with specific function, measure of academic instruction, measurement, natural number, number less than ten, one person, th...unit
1st letter of Greek alphabet, alfa, alphabetical, brightest star, code word for letter "A", Greek letter; beginning; brightest star in a constellation; (in Computer Graphics) fourth color component (that allows control over blending colors with a backg...alpha
abnormal bodily discharge, apply flux to, constant change, flow along or out, flow; flowing; fluidity, continual change; instability; material for soldering, glaze component, make or become fluid, melt; weld, fuse; flow, quantity of movement, rate of f...flux
acid in the vitamin B family (formerly vitamin H), vitamin B componentbiotin
act of separating into component parts; breaking up into piecesfractionation
act of squeezing and shaping (clay, dough, etc.); massagekneading
agent of induction, circuit or device in which an electromotive force can be generated (Electricity), component causing inductance, part of circuit generating forceinductor
An arithmetic mean return of selected stocks intended to represent the behavior of the market or some component of it. One good example is the widely quoted Dow Jones Industrial Average, which adds the current prices of the 30 DJIA stocks, and divides ...Average
ancient cylindrical clay object, chamber for piston, cylinder seal, geometric solid, geometric surface, long thin container, rotating part of printing press, rotating part of revolver, tube shape, tube-shaped figure; physical storage unit in a hard dri...cylinder
animal footprint, boxer, clay suitable for molding, dog with a wrinkled face, fill a gap with clay, fill with caulk; follow footprints, track footprints, knead clay with water, small turned-up nose; clay prepared for brickmaking; footprints of an anima...pug
any of a type of clay minerals (used as an additive to a drilling mud), clayey mineralmontmorillonite
any of several varieties of fine earthy clay used as pigments; reddish-brown color (Art), reddish-brown clay, tree trunkbole
any rock made up of layers of clay sediment, rock made of clayargillite
apparatus; trick, scheme; hardware component which can send or receive data (Computers), bomb, emblem or motto, literary or dramatic tool, ornamental design, ploy, tool or machinedevice
apply a poultice to a wounded or inflamed area of the body, moist substance applied to injury, plaster, soft heated mass of herbs (or meal, clay, etc.) wrapped in a cloth and applied to a wounded or inflamed area of the bodypoultice
Arithmetic and Logic Unit; component of the central processing unit that performs calculations and logical operations, arithmetic logic unitALU
arrange windows, covering for floors, roofs, or walls, fit something with drainage tiles, hat, hollow block, lay tiles on something, pave, cover with tiles, playing piece, short pipe in a drain, slab of fired clay for covering roofs or lining walls or ...tile
arrangement of atoms, building; something created from a number of interconnecting parts; manner in which something is constructed, component parts of rocks, give structure to, orderly system of parts, organic feature, organize, give form to, something...structure
art of making clay and porcelain objects; clay or porcelain objects, making things from ceramicceramics
basic component of particles, hadron, elementary subatomic particle, any of the particles that make up atomic particles (Physics), low-fat soft cheesequark
basic principles, basic unit of matter, bread and wine in Christian ceremony, component of an optical system, component of electric circuit, constituent of geometric figure, factor, forces of weather, heating part of an appliance, little bit, main comp...element
beat up clay; mix clay in water, mix clay with water for potteryblunge
bee that builds clay nestsmason bee
bind with marline, fertilize with marl, mixture of clay and lime, soil which consists mostly of calcium-rich clay and has fertilizing propertiesmarl
bird common in cities, clay pigeon, gullible person, type of bird; stupid person, foolpigeon
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