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breathing, act of inhaling and exhaling airresp. (respiration)
(Medicine) pertaining to dyspnea, pertaining to labored breathing; suffering from dyspnea, suffering from shortness of breathdyspneic
a trademark for an underwater breathing apparatus used by diversAqua-Lung
ability to be breathed; suitability for breathingrespirability
abnormal breathing sound (resulting from a disease of the lungs or respiratory system)rale
abnormal enlargement caused by retained gas, lung condition causing breathing impairment, lung disease (Medical)emphysema
abnormal shallow and heavy breathingCheyne-Stokes respiration
act of breathing out, breath from the lungs, scent or vapor given offexhalation
act of breathing; making breathe, ventilating, distribution of oxygen, oxidation process in cellsrespiration
act of choking; throttle (in a car), artichoke, be too moved to speak, block passage or channel, fuel mixture regulator for engine, inedible central part of artichoke, lose nerve and falter, noise of choking, prevent breathing by constricting throat, p...choke
act of grabbing and drawing away; influence; press proof, test print used for proofreading before a print run (Printing); handle, grip, apply force to a trigger, attract crowd, deep inhaling or gulp, do something underhand, draw a load, draw a physical...pull
act of inhaling, breathing in; sound made when breathing in; powdered tobacco that is inhaled through the nose; burnt end of a candle wick, amount of snuff, destroy something, extinguish flame, inhale something, breathe in through the nose; sniff, smel...snuff
act of making roar, act of roaring; loud deep cry resembling that of a lion; respiratory problem in horses which causes loud breathing (Veterinary Medicine), breathing difficulties in horses, exceedingly, huge, producing a roar; loud, noisy, clamorous;...roaring
act or sound of sniffing, breathe in through nose, inhale through the nose; smell; express disapproval by making a sniffing sound; take into the the nose by inhaling; perceive, sense, short inhalation through the nose; sound of a sniff; odor, scent, su...sniff
act or sound of sniffling, inhale mucus, make a snuffling sound through the nose, sniff repeatedly in order to clear fluids from the nose, slight cold, snuffle, act of inhaling through the nose with an audible snuffling sound, weep quietlysniffle
advance with caution, distinctive smell, facial feature above the mouth and below the eyes; part of the body used for smelling and breathing; sense of smell; propensity for detecting; proboscis; snout, organ of smell, part resembling nose, projecting f...nose
air breathed in and out, air exhaled, breathing of air, hint, life, respiration; air, light breeze; clue; bit, shred, short pause, soft sound, waftbreath
air lane, route through the air travelled by aircraft; passageway through which air travels (Medical); ventilator shaft, air route, breathing passage, tube to keep airway open, ventilation passageairway
air vent, breathing hole in ice, bubble in ingot, nostril of whale or similar mammal, vent for the escape of gas or air; spiracle of a whale or another cetacean located far back on the head; hole in the ice to which animals (such as whales, seals, etc....blowhole
air-breathing systemrespiratory system
alive and well, living and breathing, alivealive and kicking
altitude sickness, high cold plateau (as in the Andes); mountain sickness, difficulty breathing caused by the thin mountain air, plateau in Andespuna
apnoea, brief pause in breathing, respiratory failure; asphyxia; inability to breathe (Medicine)apnea
apparatus used for inhaling medicinal substances; respirator, device used for artificial respiration, inhalerinhalator
apparatus used for inhaling medicinal substances; respirator, device used for artificial respiration; one who inhales, one who breathes in, device for inhaling medicine, inhalator, somebody who inhalesinhaler
area of shallow water, having little depth, not deep; superficial, not concerned with serious intellectual matters; weak, breathing in very little air, make or become shallow, not thinking or feeling deeply, taking in little airshallow
asbestos poisoning (disease caused by inhaling asbestos dust), lung diseaseasbestosis
battle cry, call made by bird or animal, cry out, enthusiastic shout; call; heavy breathing sound (characteristic of whooping cough), exclaim something, loud cry, shout enthusiastically, call; breath heavily (as one with whooping cough), urge or drive ...whoop
breath control in yoga, breath or breathingprana
breath heavily and with a whistling sound; make a wheezing sound; speak while breathing heavily, breathe with a hoarse whistling sound, heavy breathing; trite saying; common theatrical gag, make a whistling or puffing sound, noisy breathing sound, ofte...wheeze
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