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attack, begin something eagerly, fall tofall on
(about hair, clothing, etc.) wear loosely, let fall in disorder; disarrange, make untidy, mess something up, muss clothes or hairdishevel
(archaic) shirt that soldiers wear over their uniform as to be able to recognize one another during a night attack; surprise military attack carried out at night by soldiers wearing "camisados", surprise attackcamisado
(Biblical) pertaining to the time before the fall of man, before fall from graceprelapsarian
(British Slang) criminal, prisoner, ex-convict; prison time, decide the order of play, fall behind compared with others, fail to keep up with the established pace, straggle; develop slowly; linger, tarry; slacken, flag, weaken; imprison (British Slang)...lag
(French) weapon, instrument for use in attack or defense in combat (i.e. sword, gun, claws, etc.)arme
(in ancient Rome) unroofed area over a courtyard designed to allow water to fall into the cistern (Architecture)compluvium
(north england) fallback end
(Slang) attack, fit; attack of anger; noisy party, violent outburstwingding
,(north england) brat, arrest somebody, be in a particular state, become, begin something, bring something, catch an illness, cause something to be done, conceive somebody, difficult tennis return, forms passives, gain access to somebody, have an idea,...get
7th letter of English alphabet, acceleration of free fall as a result of gravityg
ability to penetrate, attack that enters enemy territory, degree of success in a market, depth projectile goes into a target, entering or passing through, insertion of penis, passing into, piercing, permeation; understanding; comprehensionpenetration
able to resist bullets, impervious to bullets, protected against bullets, invulnerable to attack, make impervious to bulletsbulletproof
abrupt fall or its sound, bluntly, chubby; full-figured; fattened; frank, sincere, direct, directly, drop abruptly or heavily, fatten up; fluff, make plump, loud fall, loud crash; blow, stroke, hit, with a loud noise, with a thumpplump
absence of justification, inexcusability; state of being unprotectable, incapability of being defended against an attackindefensibility
absorb something, accept, begin doing something again, begin doing something regularly, lift somebody or something, pay off, shorten garment, use something wastefullytake up
accept eagerlyjump at
accept something eagerlyleap at
accessible to a particular group, alert, allowing access to the inside, apart or wide, available to all registered voters, available to do business, available without limitations, be ready for new ideas, become accessible to the public, begin showing
accessing of database or Internet file, affect somebody or something badly, arrive at specified level, attack, base hit, bat, collision, come into contact, come to mind, conform to something, effect of drug, give somebody information, give somebody som...hit
acclaim, exclamation of greeting, pellets of ice, pouring down of something harmful, rain down hail; pour down like hail, fall with force; salute, welcome; call to from a distance, rain ice pellets, shout or signal, shout or signal for attention, small...hail
accumulation of fallen snow; amount of snow that has fallen, amount of fallen snow, fall of snowsnowfall
accuracy of pitch, act of intoning or chanting; rise and fall of the voice in speech; production of musical tones, beginning of a Gregorian chant, pitch of the voiceintonation
accusation, accuse somebody of crime, amount of money asked, an order to do something, ask money for something, attack in a rush, criticize, debit, electric property of matter, enough explosive for detonation, enough to fill something, entrust; order, ...charge
achiever, one who attempts to produce rain, one who tries to cause rain to fall, somebody who causes rainrainmaker
act as leader of event, driving force in event, head, be at the front, leading forces in military attack, pointed head of spear, sharp pointed end of a spear; leader of an attacking force; driving forcespearhead
act like somebody, adopt something, cause disease, come to be or have, feeling associated with an action, influence, influence; move someone (emotionally); attack (of a disease); act as if, pretend; have a certain disposition towards; have an affinity ...affect
act of advancing, act of shoving or thrusting; shove, thrust; application of pressure; assault, attack; initiative, enterprise; help, add data to pushdown list, advance against enemy, advance by using pressure or force, continuous nudging shot with sti...push
act of cutting from the underside; act of slicing the ball from underneath (Golf, Tennis); notch cut in a tree which aids in controlling its fall; type of beef tenderloin; type of cavity with a broad base (Dentistry), charge a lower amount than, cut ma...undercut
act of digging, archaeological excavation, break up or remove earth, burrow, hoe; like (Slang); understand; start, begin enthusiastically; entrench oneself, create by digging, cutting remark, discover by research, excavation; jab, poke; mean or sarcast...dig
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