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arrange deal or sale, commercial agent, middleman, intermediary; stockbroker; agent who buys and sells property for others, power brokerbroker
(1) The gap between bid and askprices of a stock or other security. (2) The simultaneous purchase and sale of separate futures or options contracts for the same commodity for delivery in different months. Also known as a straddle…Spread
(1) The total amount of money being borrowed or lent. (2) The party affected by agent decisions in a principal-agent relationship.Principal
(1882-1945) 32nd president of the United States (1933-45) who implemented Depression-era social and economic programs known collectively as the "New Deal"FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
(1919-1933) period during which the Eighteenth Amendment was in effect and the sale manufacture and transportation of alcoholic beverages was illegal (U.S. History)Prohibition
(about property) can be recovered by replevin (Law)repleviable
(about property) hired, used in exchange for regular payments; let, provided in exchange for regular paymentsrented
(Accounting) entries on a balance sheet showing tangible and intangible properties and claims against others that can be applied to cover the financial obligations of a business or of a person; complete property that a person ownsassets
(British usage) a street merchant who sells fruit or vegetables or fish from a cartcoster
(British) package, bundle; group, gang; field, plot of land, yard, batch of commercial goods, bunch, make parcel of something, bundle; divide, partition; wrap, cover, portion, protect rope, something wrapped upparcel
(Chemistry) chemical agent that forms a gradient in concentration and exercises control over morphogenesis, substance important for development of embryomorphogen
(Chemistry) containing menthol (chemical substance causing a cool sensation and used for medical and commercial purposes), flavored with mentholmentholated
(Chemistry) contains permanganate, contains the radical MnO4 (strong oxidizing agent that has a purple coloring when in a water solution)permanganic
(Chemistry) soluble chemical compound derived from some plants, crystalline compound chemically related to the flavones (used in industrial and medical applications), dyeing agentcatechin
(Computers) extension of Internet addresses for commercial organizations or agencies (esp. those based in the USA)com
(Computers) unit of data size equal to 2 to the 80th power bytes or 1024 zettabytes (largest unit of data size)yottabyte
(Electricity) capability of a circuit to generate an electromotive force; inductor, circuit or device in which an electromotive force can be generated, `:L, property of electric circuitinductance
(Grammar) verb form used to show that the subject is being acted upon (rather than performing an action), expressing action done to the subject, influenced by something external, lacking a power source, not actively taking part, not managed by the inve...passive
(in western Africa) object believed to have magical powers; magical power attributed to an object; rule resulting from superstitious beliefs associated with an object, musical style characterized by drums and Hawaiian-style guitar (developed in Nigeria...juju
(Law) one holds an incumbrance on a property (also incumbrancer), somebody with legal claim on propertyencumbrancer
(new zealand) supernatural force or power, magical ability, supernatural powers (Polynesian, appears also in the game "Dungeons and Dragons")mana
(Portuguese - literally means buyer) an intermediary; a native steward or agent for a foreign business (formerly in China)comprador
(symbol) ) sigma, ability to transmit electricity, conductance (, property or power of conducting (heat, etc.), transmission of nerve impulsesconductivity
(symbol) mu, magnetic property, penetrability, ability to be permeated, ability to be entered, permeable nature, rate substance passes through porous mediumpermeability
(USA) number equal to 10 to the 24th power; (British) number equal to 10 to the 42nd power, 10 24, 10 42septillion
, , lowest sale price, see also:reserve priceupset price
,, estate agent, somebody who buys and sells propertyreal-estate agent
1 followed by 100 zeros, number 1 followed by 100 zeros, 10 to the power of 100googol
10 people in powerdecemvirate
10 to the 18th power, number 1 followed by 18 zeros (in U.S., Canada); 10 to the 30th power, 1 followed by 30 zeros (in Britain), one followed by 18 zerosquintillion
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arrange deal or sale, commercial agent, middleman, intermediary; stockbroker; agent who buys and sells property for others, power broker bloc de umplutură, suport (metalic) equal, enjoying the same rights kibami திருத்தப்பட்ட / மாற்றமைவு பெற்ற வரைவு artificial lightning Came de commande may be obtained zgłosić z roku na rok fixed charge izradu tehnologije nincs semmi pénze hindî banal, makasalanan, masamâ raise mimeograph silhui(pustiu) dî mahipò, dî maapuhap preĝrado percepcija fizioloških reakcija كراهية suh mazohisuto ダイヤ bossuru carne(de porc, vitel, gaina) hard work Dispositif de commande secondary refrigerant ability to conduct electricity without resistance, quality of nearly perfect conductivity, ability of some materials to conduct electricity with virtually no resistance when chilled to temperatures near absolute zero (Physics) அலை நீளம் காணும் கருவி a stinge (o flacără, un foc); a şterge; (met) lichid pentru răcire rapidă, baie de călire; a căli; a răci rapid maimodoru அசற்றலீன்உருக்கொட்டு (PV) (OM) vedere în plan, proiecţie orizontală set banal na lugar refrigerent lichid refrigerant heater accesoriu(secundar) école primaire ansetzen (Objektiv) high school (gb) Allergic reactions fixed rate loan direct attention to something, proceed towards target sollicitation equalise kvaka bank loan