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all cardinals, cardinalship, office of cardinal, position or duties of cardinal (high ranking official of the Roman Catholic Church), term of office of cardinalcardinalate
$100 note, being 100 in number, county subdivision, group of 100, large number, number 100, number third from decimal point, numbers 100 to 999, position third from decimal point, years of a centuryhundred
(65-8 BC) Roman poet and satirist; male first nameHorace
(AD c110-c180) Roman writer and juristGaius
(Biology) group of related families within an order or suborder; category of classification ranked below order and above family, taxonomic ranking between order and familysuperfamily
(British Slang) boss; father (informal term and term of address used in the past by upper-class young men for their fathers)guvnor
(British) apron, pinafore; smock worn over clothing to protect it from becoming soiled (term used by children)pinny
(British) cuckoo; awkward and stupid person, lout, dolt, gawk (insulting term )gowk
(British) noncommissioned military officer ranked above a corporal or airman first class; police office ranked below a captain or lieutenant (also sergeant)serjeant
(British) person nominated to a position as a personal favor or rewardplaceman
(Buddhism and Hinduism) type of symbolic hand gesture, hand positionmudra
(Cards) bid too high; bid higher in level or suit than the previous bidder (in Bridge), higher bidovercall
(Catholic) participate in a concelebration (practice of several priests saying Mass together), officiate jointly at Christian Massconcelebrate
(Catholicism) short hooded cape worn which is worn by Roman Catholic prelates over the rochet, mozetta, short capemozzetta
(Chemistry) of or containing molybdenum (metallic element used to strengthen and harden steel), relating to molybdenum with a high valencemolybdic
(Computers) high-level modular computer programming language used to develop applications for military and civilian needs (standard of the U.S. Department of Defense)ada
(Computers) high-powered chip set used on advanced 3D graphic accelerator cards (developed by 3Dfx Interactive)Voodoo
(Football) player who is stationed farthest behind the scrimmage line; position played by the tailback, offensive backtailback
(French) high, upper; high-class, fashionable, stylishhaute
(French) point, sharp end; ballet position in which dancers stand on the tip of the toes, tip-of-toe ballet positionpointe
(From French) psychological disorder of mind or emotion; impartial and old term for mental illness or insanityfolie
(from Krav Maga) the official self defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forcesmaga
(Greek Mythology) goddesses of destiny, Greek goddesses of destiny, Moirai (Roman equivalent), ParcaeFates
(in Economics) nickname for stocks of a company that is considered stable and profitable and has a relatively high price per share; something of high quality and expensive; blue token that has a high value (in poker games), poker chip, valuable asset chip
(Irish) darling, honey, sweety (affectionate term)macushla
(Latin) ancient Roman game of chance based on the use of dice; (Classical Mythology) nickname of Athena that refers to a holy place built in her honor by Aleus; old city located on the Eastern border of Arcadiaalea
(Latin) Mass, Catholic prayer servicesmissa
(Law) wrongdoing, trespass (especially by a public official), misconduct, nonfeasance, see also:misfeasance, unlawful actmalfeasance
(Linguistics) complementary distribution, relation between sounds or phonemes that cannot be placed in the same position within wordscomplementation
(Medicine) excessively high amount of uric acid in the blood (also lithaemia)lithemia
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all cardinals, cardinalship, office of cardinal, position or duties of cardinal (high ranking official of the Roman Catholic Church), term of office of cardinal எதிர்பார்க்கும் அல்லது உய்த்தறியும் மதிப்பு சோப்பு நீர் மலக்குடல் கழுவல் розбіжність marcă a întreprinderii / firmei / companiei; stilul casei (în reclame / marketing) loan, loan word, word borrowed from another language, word borrowed from one language and made a part of another language kassakaappi timego at a loss; at a loose end; stranded; in a quagmire/quandary; in a nice fix; (fam.) in a tight corner/place/squeeze; up a tree/a stump; at sea; v. şi în bucluc. fugă, scăpare, crăpătură, pierdere prin scurgere, dispersie, infiltraţie; (el) şuntare, derivaţie; (nav) spărtură, gaură de apă; a fi neetanş, a avea scăpări / scurgeri; (met) a curge, a (se) scurge, a strecura adhesive material, bread in Christian communion service, chip, encase medicine, fasten with wafer, medicine casing, thin crisp cookie, thin crispy cookie or cracker (often eaten as a desert with ice cream); bite-size piece of unleavened bread taken dur... 洋二仙草目 洋二仙草目 அளியடைப்பு; வலைத் தடுப்பு; (கிராதி) dijelovi željezničkih ili tramvajskih lokomotiva ili tračničkih vozila; mehanička oprema za nadzor i upravljanje 泰舍特 泰舍特 (cu gen.) at the discretion/the mercy of; v. şi ~ cheremul cuiva/ dispoziţia cuiva சரித்திரகாலத்துக்கு முன்னுள்ள மனிதன் தீத்தரிசியினது நிலைச்சமன்பாடு இறப்பு எண், இறப்பு விழுக்காடு (பயிரை) அறுத்துக் கட்டும் கருவி lentugo Интрафилософский; внутрифилософский; находящийся в области философии, находящийся (Biology) pertaining to atavism (appearance of a trait belonging to a distant ancestor that has been dormant in recent generations), relating to genetic reappearance, uncivilized and instinctive proizvodne tehnologije அட்டவணை நிறுவுச் சாவி(இ.வ)/விசை(த.வ) 法西斯主義 法西斯主义 negatywny; obraźliwy; pejoratywny தானியங்கி பணவழங்கி அதிகாரம் பெற்ற சார்பாளர்; உரிமை பெற்ற சார்பாளர் 歸仁鄉 归仁乡 to have a bad time; to have a rough/a terrible time of it. to tour (through/about) a country; to make the tour of a country. online (e-novac) (u elektroničkim novčanim sustavima ovaj izraz označuje da je uspostavljena izravna veza sa središnjim računalnim sustavom za ovlaštenje ili provjeru prije transakcije) 100 percent humidity, act of soaking, act of filling to capacity; state of being soaked, state of being filled to capacity; purity of tint, percentage of white in a given color, color intensity, comprehensive, condition of stable output current, full s... a restitui, a da înapoi; (ec) a se plăti o obligaţie (Poetry) iambus, foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed), iambic, rhythm unit in poetry 歌聲 歌声 (pop.) to do a (long) stretch (in prison); to undergo/lo serve a (long) prison sentence. வழி நடத்து , ஈயம், காரியம் , முந்து nopeatehoinen, nopeavaikutteinen vez உதைகால் வடிகான், எரிங்கென், வடிகான் Данное, факт; данная величина இருள் பார்வைக்குறை இரவுக் குருடு 案例 案例 teisaldamine அசை இரைப்பை அறுவை மருத்துவம் molekularne metode lako asento, asenne; lähtöasento (amer. jalkapallo)