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absence of violence, lack of violence; nonaggressive behavior, passivity, principle of refraining from using violencenonviolence
(British) aggressive, irritating; exasperation, difficulty, threatening behavioraggro
(French) part of the phrase "laisser-aller" (freedom, lack of restraint)laisser
(Geology) belief that major geological changes on earth were caused by catastrophes (and not by gradual change), pessimism, theory of geological violencecatastrophism
(Hinduism) one of the principle Vedic deities, Vedic god of battle and rainIndra
(in Medicine) substance that blocks the benefits of calcium and is used as a drug to widen blood vessels (when treating heart disease or a lack of blood supply to the heart)Nifedipine
(Law) failure to act within the time allowed; legal principle by which one loses the right to compensation if one does not act within the time allowed, negligencelaches
(Mathematics) sign for subtraction or negative value (-); lack, negative quantity, disadvantage, having detrimental effect, less, less than zero, lacking, negative; below zero, minus sign, prep. less, showing subtraction, slightly below standard level,...minus
(Medicine) muscular rigidity and lack of contact with the environment (associated with schizophrenia), state resembling trancecatalepsy
(Medicine) serving to reduce the ability to feel pain (of drugs); (Pathology) causing lack of feeling (of a disease), anestheticanaesthetic
(Medicine) suffering from astasia (inability to stand due to lack of muscular coordination); unstable, unsteadyastatic
(Ophthalmology) blindness due to defect or absence of an eye; turning upward of the eyesanopia
(Pathology) lack of feeling, loss of sensation (caused by disease); (Medicine) localized or general reduction of sensitivity to pain (through drugs), anaesthesia, apathy, medically induced insensitivity to painanesthesia
(Pathology) lack of feeling, loss of sensation (caused by disease); (Medicine) localized or general reduction of sensitivity to pain (through drugs), anesthesiaanaesthesia
(Psychology) adoption of feminine behavior and dress (by a man)eonism
(Slang) confusion, lack of ordercobwebs
(symbol) +, adding emphasis, affirmative, basic form of modifier, beneficial, cell plate or terminal, electropositive, empirical, encouraging good behavior, image like the subject, indicating presence of something in test, irrefutable, making light con...positive
(Tc) radioactive element whose chemical behavior is similar to rhenium; used as a diagnostic tool (Chemistry), `:Tctechnetium
,Caribbean, deductible, dismiss from employment, extra, leftover, superfluous, above and beyond, more than enough, overabundance, surplus; overindulgence, immoderation, required in addition, unrestrained behaviorexcess
A lack of equivalence between two things, such as the unequal tax treatment of interest expense and dividend payments.Asymmetry
abate, comfort and affluence, comfort; calm; lack of difficulty; easy manner, lack of awkwardness, loosen something, make easier; calm, soothe; free, release (from pain, etc.); loosen, make something easier, make something less unpleasant, maneuver gen...ease
aberrancy, deviancy; distortedness, abnormality; stubbornness, obstinacy, perverse action, stubborn unreasonable behaviorperversity
ability to view things objectively, absence of bias, lack of emotional involvement; physical reality (Philosophy), accuracy, actual existenceobjectivity
abnormal hardening, act of calcifying, conversion into lime, hard body part, lack of changecalcification
absence due to illnesssick leave
absence from your own country, banish somebody from home or country, banishment from home or country, expulsion, ejection, be banished; expel, somebody living outside his or her own countryexile
absence of a backbone; weakness of character, lack of resolutionspinelessness
absence of a head, acephaliaheadlessness
absence of activity, failure to act, inactive state; state of non-action; inactiveness; inertnessinaction
absence of appetiteinappetence
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