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abnormal condition in which there are two arterial beats for each heart beat, double-pulsed heartbeatdicrotism
(about a motor vehicle) be involved in a situation in which a vehicle turns less sharply than desired because the front wheels slide during a turn, (about a motor vehicle) condition in which a vehicle turns less sharply than desired because the front w...understeer
(about fats) containing two or more double bonds in each molecule (Chemistry), low in cholesterolpolyunsaturated
(about horses) having an abnormal bony growth on the footringboned
(Anatomy) pertaining to the epicardium, pertaining to the outer membrane of the heartepicardial
(Architecture) having a double row of columns on each side, front and rare; having two wings, building with two wings (Architecture)dipteral
(Biology) cell containing a double set of chromosomes arranged in homologous pairs within its nucleus (most cells in the body are diploids except gametes), with two matched chromosome setsdiploid
(Biology) condition of alternating sexual and asexual reproduction; state of hermaphroditism or alternating maleness and femaleness, periodic parasitismheterogony
(Biology) pertaining to the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelial
(Biology) tumor of the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelioma
(Botany) plant of the genus mentha (genus of fragrant herbs including peppermint, spearmint, and horsemint, etc.); hard or soft mint-flavored candy; factory where money is produced; gold mine (Slang), in perfect condition, invent, make coins, print
(British spelling for complection) overall appearance of the skin; state of things, general condition, character, skin typecomplexion
(British) tawdry, loud, cheap; shabby, worn-out, in poor conditiontatty
(Cardiology) graphic record of electrical pulses given off by the heart created using an electrocardiograph, ECG (used to diagnose heart disease), record of heart activityelectrocardiogram
(Cardiology) part of "angina pectoris" (type of heart disease)pectoris
(Grammar) conditional clause; conditional mood, conjunction, or verb form, dependent on something else being done, describing series of numbers, limited, dependent on something else; containing a limitation, stating a condition or limitation, true only...conditional
(Grammar) masculine gender, masculine form (he, his, himself, etc.), concluding on an accented beat, male; manly, manlike, of or characteristic of men; strong, virile; (about objects or words) having the designation of masculine, of certain grammatical...masculine
(in Medicine) substance that blocks the benefits of calcium and is used as a drug to widen blood vessels (when treating heart disease or a lack of blood supply to the heart)Nifedipine
(in Optics) breakage of a light ray into two different directions therefore creating two separate light rays (occurs in many types of crystals - also known as double refraction), splitting in two of ray of lightbirefringence
(Law) condition of being replaceable (about merchandise)fungibility
(Medicine) abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland (also goiter)goitre
(Medicine) abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland (also goitre), strumagoiter
(Medicine) examination of the heart using ultrasoundechocardiography
(Medicine) inflammation of a valve (especially of the heart), inflammation of a valve in the bodyvalvulitis
(Medicine) lead poisoning, condition resulting from the absorption of lead into the body (causes anemia, muscle weakness, and nausea)saturnism
(Medicine) outside of the normal place, outside of the normal place (as in an ectopic pregnancy), in an abnormal place or formectopic
(Medicine) pertaining to an adenoma, pertaining to a benign glandular tumor; pertaining to an abnormal increase in the number of cells in glandular tissueadenomatous
(Medicine) pertaining to arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat); irregular, not rhythmicarrhythmical
(Medicine) pertaining to arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat); irregular, not rhythmic, lacking rhythmarrhythmic
(Medicine) pertaining to hydrocephalus, pertaining to an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the brain; affected with hydrocephalushydrocephalic
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abnormal condition in which there are two arterial beats for each heart beat, double-pulsed heartbeat luokitus, laatuluokittelu, laatuluokitus, lajittelu, luokittelu, ryhmittely; numeroarvostelu; jyvitys paying a call to...; on a visit to... go backward, have less complex features, revert or degenerate, revert to a previous condition; move backward optymalnie für tabu erklären ثلاثيّ الألوان blocaj; obturare; formare de dopuri cheese and raisin cake sabot de apăsare, păpuşă mobilă, bilă apăsată de un arc; (nav) montant de falsbord / de parapet, pontil de lansare; (termo) supapă cu disc / cu taler அடைப்பு நீக்கம், மூக்கடைப்பு நீக்கம் erschwerte பூச்சியுண்ணும் தாவரம் sub hoc signo vinces to catch up with; (despre vehicule etc.) to overtake. திரும்பப் பெறுவதற்கான மனு hamil ஊர்வுக் குறைவு வலிமை (Chemistry) illinium (former name of the metallic element promethium); extension for an Internet address of a person or site located in Israel (Computers) Идентификационный номер индивидуального налогоплательщика piach இராத்தல்; பவுண்டு; பட்டி sand without cement (i.e., an unconnected or disjointed speech) (Suetonius) Hochleistungsbatterie act of discovering something, decision on course of action, end of estate, interest, or right, firm decision; decisiveness, resolution; definition, firmness of purpose, fixed purpose, qualifying of concept, settlement of dispute or contest, stage in de... எல்லைக் குறியீடு / மாலளவு, மால்வரை தகட்டுலோகத்தொழிலாளி (born 1945) Commander in Chief of the United States Central Command, four-star general in charge of American military troops carrying out Operation Iraqi Freedom aranjare în staţie (în punctul de măsurare) a unui aparat; (el) corp de iluminat; (mat) ajustare, trasare (despre o curbă) prin puncte; (TH) păsuire, montare, asamblare, instalare, ajustare; (OM) ştuţ, niplu, armătură, fiting, garnitură 喜氣 喜气 சிசனமுனை தோல் வெட்டு, பூள்முனைத், தோல் வெட்டு ֆոքս-ֆորդայսի հիվանդություն դեղանյութերի մնացորդներն օրգանիզմում erkrankter மேற்பரப்பைக் கட்டுப்படுத்தும் நரம்பு 1. to set smb. on his legs again; to put/to set smb. on his feet; to help smb. up. 2. (a readuce în simţiri) to bring smb. round. 3. (a însănătoşi) to restore smb. to his health; to set smb. on his legs again. female / external taper gauge; taper ring gauge capac rezistent la foc raportti, selostus, selonteko, selvitys, referaatti, tiedotus, tiedonanto, reportaasi, todistus, toimintakertomus, tutkimus, kertomus, matkakertomus, tarkastuskertomus, ilmoitus, jälkiselostus, erotodistus, katsaus, lausunto, mietintö, pamahdus, pamaus, l erforschen, erheben (sport etc.) to be passionately fond of (sports, etc.); to be very keen on (sports, etc.). produs principal; resursă principală, marfă de bază substance that serves to make stiff, substance that serves to make rigid; substance that stiffens cloth hermokimppu antegăurire; (fiz, c) urmă, pată, punct / element de imagine (şi pe ecran), spot; poziţie; punct a (se) păta, a strica; a recunoaşte eiförmig أيسولد - في أسطورة أرثرايان, الأميرة الأيرلنديّة التي تزوّجت ملك كورنوول ஆக்சிஜன் இல்லாமல் தூய்மையாக்கப்பட்ட உருக்கு தலைச்சிறை அணிதல் / தலைக்குக்கவசமிடுதல் andienpöllönen, Otus ingens