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ability of a vehicle to travel comfortably and stably over varying road conditions, degree of driving comfortroadability
(about a motor vehicle) be involved in a situation in which a vehicle turns less sharply than desired because the front wheels slide during a turn, (about a motor vehicle) condition in which a vehicle turns less sharply than desired because the front w...understeer
(about an airplane) move slowly along a runway before takeoff of after landing, cab, taxicab, car taking paying passengers, move aircraft on ground, transport somebody or be transported, travel in taxitaxi
(about God) divine omniscience, state of being all-knowing; foreknowledge; foresight, ability to foresee future events, advance knowledge of thingsprescience
(about inherited traits) not expressed due to a dominant trait inherited from the other parent (Genetics), controlled by recessive gene, falling at beginning of word, organism with recessive gene or trait, producing effect in certain conditions only, r...recessive
(Archaic) sufficient, adequate, adequate amount, sufficient degree, enough, quite, sufficiently, fairlyenow
(Automative) type of of vehicle construction in which the body is united with the frame and machinery; type of construction in which the outer layer absorbs all or most of the stress, integrated car design, metal outer shellmonocoque
(British) highway, main road; easy wayhighroad
(British) license plate, car number, combination of numerals stamped into a metal plate which identifies the vehiclenumberplate
(British) overpass; overhead crossing, ceremonial flight made by aircraft, fly-past, road on bridge, see also:overpassflyover
(British) vehicle for collecting garbagedust cart
(Computers) ability to carry out more than one process simultaneously; parallel processing, simultaneous use of several computers for processing tasks, use of multiple computer programming unitsmultiprocessing
(from French) vehicle that carries many passengers; tour bus (British usage)charabanc
(Grammar) word used to modify adjectives and adverbs and show relation between two conditions (i.e. The more I study, the more I learn), all people of a particular type, by how much or by that much, definite article used to specify one person or item i...the
(Informal) university student who has not yet received his first degree, undergraduateundergrad
(Medicine) serving to reduce the ability to feel pain (of drugs); (Pathology) causing lack of feeling (of a disease), anestheticanaesthetic
(new zealand) pickup truck, sport-utility vehicleutility vehicle
(new zealand) supernatural force or power, magical ability, supernatural powers (Polynesian, appears also in the game "Dungeons and Dragons")mana
(Slang) great, excellent; of outstanding quality or ability, someone who has great ability, something excellent; corn confection, sweet corn snackcrackajack
(Statistics) measure of the degree to which statistical data varies from the mean (equal to the square root of the average of the square roots of the deviations)SD (standard deviation)
(symbol) ) rho, ability to resist, ability to resist; resistance, quality of a conductor which resists an electrical current (Electricity), electrical resistance of a standard-length substance, specific resistance (resistivity
(symbol) ) sigma, ability to transmit electricity, conductance (, property or power of conducting (heat, etc.), transmission of nerve impulsesconductivity
(symbol) epsilon, ability to emit (Physics), relative ability to emit radiationemissivity
(symbol) epsilon, electrical storage abilitypermittivity
(symbol) Jordan dinar, Juris Doctor, Juris Doctor; university law degree, degree awarded upon completion of a university law program (also Doctor of Jurisprudence), Justice Department, juvenile delinquentJD
(symbol) mu, magnetic property, penetrability, ability to be permeated, ability to be entered, permeable nature, rate substance passes through porous mediumpermeability
, send a letter, appoint to command, assign to a position or duty, station; publicize, advertise; inform; send electronic mail to a newsgroup (Computers); send by mail; move up and down in a saddle (Equitation); travel quickly, by post horse, denounce
180 degree anglestraight angle
2-wheeled motor-powered vehicle, ride on a motorcycle, two-wheeled motor vehicle, motorbikemotorcycle
3 horses harnessed together, horse-drawn Russian vehicle, Russian carriage pulled by three horses abreast; team of three horses pulling abreast; association of three persons or countries functioning equally toward some common goal, triumviratetroika
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