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abdominal pain, pain in the belly, pain in the stomachstomachache
(Anatomy) pertaining to the mesentery (membrane which connects abdominal organs)mesenteric
(Archaic) greatly, very much; harshly, gravely, severely, annoying, distressing, infected spot, inflammation, wound, abscess; source of pain or grief, sensitive issue, offended, painful, painful; raw, tender, sensitive; inflamed; hurting; annoying; dis...sore
(Chemistry) crystalline glucoside found in the bark of some varieties of tree (used in fever and pain relieving medications), medicine from tree barksalicin
(in vertebrates) section of the body between the thorax and the pelvis in which most of the digestive organs are located, belly; section of the body behind the thorax (Entomology), body section containing stomach, rear part of insectabdomen
(Medicine) family of medications that reduce pain and inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin production (includes aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and many others)NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
(Medicine) family of medications that reduce pain and inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin production (includes aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and many others), NSAIDnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
(Medicine) food poisoning caused by ingestion of the salmonella bacteria (characterized by fever, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain)salmonellosis
(Medicine) infection caused by parasitic bacteria from the genus Schistosoma (causes anemia, pain, and organ malfunction), bilharziasis, illness cause by blood infection, snail feverschistosomiasis
(Medicine) serious infection caused by ingestion of meat infected with the parasitic worm trichina (symptoms include fever, muscle pain, diarrhea, and sever perspiration), disease caused by a parasitic wormtrichinosis
(Medicine) serving to reduce the ability to feel pain (of drugs); (Pathology) causing lack of feeling (of a disease), anestheticanaesthetic
(Neurology, Pathology) inflammation of the nerve (characterized by pain, paralysis, muscle atrophy, and loss of reflexes), inflammation of nerveneuritis
(Pathology) lack of feeling, loss of sensation (caused by disease); (Medicine) localized or general reduction of sensitivity to pain (through drugs), anaesthesia, apathy, medically induced insensitivity to painanesthesia
(Pathology) lack of feeling, loss of sensation (caused by disease); (Medicine) localized or general reduction of sensitivity to pain (through drugs), anesthesiaanaesthesia
(Slang) feeling of apprehension or nervousness, stomach painscollywobbles
(Slang) pre-university studies; intensive course; preparatory lessons, attend private secondary school, get ready, prepare (for a test, etc.), homework, preparatory school, prepare for something, prepare somebody for surgery, prepare something for pain...prep
(trademark) brand of ibuprofen medication used to relieve pain and reduce fever or inflammation (produced by Whitehall-Robins Healthcare)Advil
a trademark for a medicinal preparation of the painkiller meperidine, brand name of meperidine, narcotic drug prescribed to relieve painDemerol
a trademark for a narcotic pain reliever used for severe injury, cancer, or chronic painFortral
a trademark for the painkiller acetaminophen, brand name of an American-made pain medicationTylenol
abate, comfort and affluence, comfort; calm; lack of difficulty; easy manner, lack of awkwardness, loosen something, make easier; calm, soothe; free, release (from pain, etc.); loosen, make something easier, make something less unpleasant, maneuver gen...ease
abdomen, belly (Anatomy, Zoology); uterus of a woman (Law), belly of animal with backbone, body part resembling abdomen, female plant part, hollow or cavity, soft part of muscle, wombventer
abdominal area, nerves in upper abdomen, network of vessels located in the abdomensolar plexus
abdominal area, upper abdomen (Anatomy)hypochondrium
abdominal distension, distention of the abdomen caused by accumulated gas (Pathology), tympanytympanites
abdominal lining, serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity (Anatomy)peritoneum
abdominal musclesabs
abdominal muscles, of abdomen, of or pertaining to the abdomen, of the belly, of the stomach areaabdominal
abdominal muscles, unit of six cans or bottlessix-pack
abdominal pain, bar with bent ends, be affected with cramp, confine, impede, restrain; constrict; fasten with a clamp, confined place, cramp iron, device for holding things together, hamper, hold together, muscle contraction; clamp, bar which holds obj...cramp
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