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Roman unit of currencysestertium
(65-8 BC) Roman poet and satirist; male first nameHorace
(AD c110-c180) Roman writer and juristGaius
(Archaic) type of coin used in Persian; ten-thousand (Persian), Iranian coin, old unit of Persian currencytoman
(Automative) cylinders cast as one unitmonobloc
(Biology) smallest unit of DNA (point where mutation can take place), smallest known unit of mutable DNAmuton
(Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy) monad (simplest indivisible unit, entity, or cell)monas
(British spelling for meter) basic unit of length in the metric system, one hundred centimeters, 39.37 inches; definite measurement; poetic measure; rhythm (in music); instrument that automatically measures quantities of substances (gas, water, or elec...metre
(British spelling variant for decaliter) unit of capacity equal to ten litersdecalitre
(British spelling variant for decameter) unit of length equal to ten metersdecametre
(British spelling variant for decigram) unit of mass equaling one tenth of a gramdecigramme
(British spelling variant for decimeter) unit of length equaling one tenth of a meterdecimetre
(British) hundredth of a gram (unit of measure)centigramme
(Catholicism) short hooded cape worn which is worn by Roman Catholic prelates over the rochet, mozetta, short capemozzetta
(Computers) unit of data size equal to 2 to the 80th power bytes or 1024 zettabytes (largest unit of data size)yottabyte
(Computers) unit of information which equals one billion bytesGigabyte
(Computers) unit of measurement equal to one billion floating point operations per second (used to evaluate processing speed)GIGAFLOP (Giga Floating Point Operations)
(Grammar) grammatical unit usually comprised of a subject and verb (generally begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark); judgment specifying the punishment for a crime (Law), allocate somebody punishment, impose a punishment, penal...sentence
(Grammar) verb used in combination with one or more other words to create an idiomatic expression (ex: take on, take off), forming a phrase, dialectical; containing phrases, containing a group of words that functions as a single unit (Grammar)phrasal
(Greek Mythology) goddesses of destiny, Greek goddesses of destiny, Moirai (Roman equivalent), ParcaeFates
(in ancient Greece) political assembly; marketplace or public square used for public assemblies, coin worth an agora, Israeli currency unitagora
(Km) unit of distance equalling one thousand meters (British)kilometre
(Km) unit of distance equalling one thousand meters, 1, 000 meterskilometer
(Latin) ancient Roman game of chance based on the use of dice; (Classical Mythology) nickname of Athena that refers to a holy place built in her honor by Aleus; old city located on the Eastern border of Arcadiaalea
(Mg) unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a gram (British)milligramme
(Military) small army flag indicating the regiment or unit; soldier who carries a guidonguidon
(Optics) of a lumen (unit for measuring the rate at which light is transmitted)lumenal
(Physics) metric unit of length for measuring nuclear distances (also femtometer)fermi
(Physics) metric unit of length for measuring nuclear distances (also fermi)femtometer
(Poetry) iambus, foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed), iambic, rhythm unit in poetryiamb
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