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(Medicine) mold used to hold a skin graft in place during healing; thin tube inserted into a tubular structure (e.g. a blood vessel) to hold it open or remove a blockagestent
(1650-1702) British doctor who was famous for his research on bone structure and after whom Haversian canals were namedClopton Havers
(about an organ or tissue) located in the wrong placeheterotopic
(about women) experience menstruation, have monthly discharge of blood, get monthly period (Physiology), discharge menstrual bloodmenstruate
(Anatomy) any of several hollow cavities or passages in the body; one of the hollow cavities in the skull that connects to the nasal passages, cavity in bone of skull, channel for blood, channel leading from body cavity, notch between leavessinus
(Anatomy) lachrymal bone (bone of the inner corner of the eye); vessel used to collect the tears of the bereaved, crying, lacrimal, of or pertaining to tears; producing tears, secreting tears; lacrimal, of or near the organs which secrete tears (Anatomy)lachrymal
(Anatomy) located beneath the clavicle; of or relating to a subclavian structure, under the collarbonesubclavian
(Anatomy) system of testicular tubules leading to the vas deferens, tube containing sperm attached to a testicleepididymis
(Art) supporting stick used by artists to hold the hand which is paintingmahlstick
(Biochemistry) of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the destruction of bacteria), of opsoninsopsonic
(Biochemistry) production of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the elimination of bacteria)opsonize
(Biology) dyed only by neutral dyes (about white blood cells)neutrophilic
(Biology) having a lobular nucleus (about white blood cells)polymorphonuclear
(Biology) pertaining to the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelial
(Biology) smallest unit of DNA (point where mutation can take place), smallest known unit of mutable DNAmuton
(Biology) tumor of the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelioma
(born 1980) female tennis athlete, winner of U.S. Open in 2000 and 2001Venus Williams
(born 1981) female tennis athlete, winner of the 1999 U.S. OpenSerena Williams
(Botany) pertaining to stamens which have united filaments, with filaments in a tube shape, with monadelphous stamensmonadelphous
(British spelling for complection) overall appearance of the skin; state of things, general condition, character, skin typecomplexion
(British spelling for complectional) of facial complexion, of the appearance of the skin and face; of the state of things, of the current situationcomplexional
(British variant for localize) confine to a particular place; collect in particular place; identify the location of; determine the specific location of a gene within a DNA strand (Genetics)localise
(British) carpet pad, layer beneath carpet, place underneath; lie under; provide something that supports from below, provide with something underneath, support for something, underlieunderlay
(British) gape, stare stupidly with an open mouthgawp
(British) place where four or more roads meet (archaic) ; intersection of roads at center of a town (archaic)carfax
(Catholicism) ceremonial washing of the hands; psalm recited during the hand washing ceremony; basin and towel used during a ceremonial hand-washing, basin attached to a wall, place for washing in a monastery, religious rituallavabo
(Chemistry) compound composed of and organic ring and metallic ions (such as hemoglobin in the blood, chlorophyll in plants, etc.), combine to form chelate, compound of metal and nonmetal, having a chela (claw); of a chelate compound (Chemistry), havin...chelate
(Chemistry) crystalline glucoside found in the bark of some varieties of tree (used in fever and pain relieving medications), medicine from tree barksalicin
(Chemistry) derived from propionic acid (type of acid used in food, perfumes, and medicine)propionic
(Cuisine) Italian dish consisting of tube shaped pasta having a filling of meat or cheese; tubular pasta, baked pasta dishmanicotti
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(Medicine) mold used to hold a skin graft in place during healing; thin tube inserted into a tubular structure (e.g. a blood vessel) to hold it open or remove a blockage res est blanda canor; discant cantare puellæ இறந்தவர்; இழப்பு; இடை விபத்து; காயம்பட்டவர் இலகுபாட்டு வளைகோடு totul merge ca pe roate մակերիկամների հիվանդություններ ქედმარლობა (about printed material) can be published, can be produced and distributed; suitable for publication, worthy of production and distribution இந்திய தேசியக் காங்கிரஸ் executare a unei adâncituri / unui canal într-o piesă, înlăturarea (mecanică, electro-mecanică, termo-mecanică) a defectelor de suprafaţă (şi înainte de sudare) காற்றுச்சாரீப்பதன் செய்தித்தாள் துண்டு; பதியம் not to listen to; not to mind; to take no account/heed of. to fall/to get into the habit of doing smth.; to form a habit of doing smth. իմունաբանական եվ կենսաբանական գործոններ not the rage of the citizens commanding wrongful measures, not the aspect of the threatening tyrant, can shake from his firm purpose the person who is just and resolute (Horace) x-தகடுகள், கிடைத்தகடுகள் vjerovati செயல்பாடு தொடர்புக்கோடு அடிக்கோடிட்ட பத்தி சதாவரி , தண்ணீர் விட்டான் rorate, cœli, desuper, et nubes pluant justum; aperiatur terra, et germinet salvatorem alternativ; alternat; alternant, care alternează yhteisrintama zagłosować garland; festoon; wreath 1. (a înţelege) to understand, to grasp. 2. (a se pricepe) to have a good head for; (fam.) to be up to a thing or two; aprox. to have an inventive mind; to be resourceful. admisie; aspiraţie; alimentare a subevalua; a subestima; a subpreţui; a impune mai puţin (pentru un preţ, o valoare, etc.) பொடியலூதை பிடித்தல் உடன்படிக்கைப் பிணைமுறி அழுத்த ஆற்றல் மாற்றி ஒற்றைப் பதிவு கணக்குமுறை அமைதி ஒலி இன்மை; பேசாமை Kurare (Cards) bid too high; bid higher in level or suit than the previous bidder (in Bridge), higher bid ப்ரௌன் ஸ்பியர்மென் விதிமுறை இரங்கினின் தகைப்பு நீள்வளையம் to brave the wind and the billows; to have high ambitions முக்கிய குறியீடுகள் semi தள்ளு பல்லிணை , சாய் பல்லிணை Truly now is the golden age; the highest honour comes by means of gold; by gold love is procured. --- Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso] dessus le toit, sur le toit soap bubble (British spelling for reflection) act of casting back a mirror image; act of sending back energy from a surface; state of being reflected; image that is reflected; idea, concept; thought, notion; act of placing blame, accusation கலவைப் பொன்மம்; கலவை (உலோகம்), இயக்குகலன் (பெட்டி போன்ற அமைப்பு) (Chemistry) illinium (former name of the metallic element promethium); extension for an Internet address of a person or site located in Israel (Computers) cito scribendo non fit, ut bene scribatur; bene scribendo fit, ut cito