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(Biochemistry) of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the destruction of bacteria), of opsoninsopsonic
(about a gland) secreting products formed by the breakdown of glandular cells, secreting own substanceholocrine
(about a substance) retaining moisture, absorbent substance, moisture-absorbinghumectant
(about women) experience menstruation, have monthly discharge of blood, get monthly period (Physiology), discharge menstrual bloodmenstruate
(Anatomy) any of several hollow cavities or passages in the body; one of the hollow cavities in the skull that connects to the nasal passages, cavity in bone of skull, channel for blood, channel leading from body cavity, notch between leavessinus
(Anatomy) creation of a myelin sheath, development of a fatty substance which covers the axiom of nerve cellsmyelination
(Anatomy) having a myelin sheath, containing a fatty substance which covers the axiom of nerve cells, surrounded by myelin sheathmyelinated
(Anatomy) production of a myelin sheath, development of a fatty substance which covers the axiom of nerve cellsmyelinization
(Biochemistry) any of a number of fats or fat-like compounds that are insoluble in water (also lipide)lipide
(Biochemistry) cause the formation of a corpus luteum; become a corpus luteum (yellow ovarian body)luteinize
(Biochemistry) formation of a corpus luteum (yellow ovarian body)luteinization
(Biochemistry) hemoglobin found in the muscles (also myohemoglobin), muscle proteinmyoglobin
(Biochemistry) phospholipid, fatty compound comprised of a fatty acid bonded to a phosphate group and an organic molecule (major component of cell membranes)phosphatide
(Biochemistry) production of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the elimination of bacteria)opsonize
(Biochemistry) type of aromatic amino acid which is essential to nutrition in animals (found in some leguminous plant seeds)tryptophan
(Biochemistry) visual purple, photosensitive pigment found in the retina of many vertebrates (breaks down into retinal and opsin upon contact which light), light-sensitive pigmentrhodopsin
(Biology) dyed only by neutral dyes (about white blood cells)neutrophilic
(Biology) having a lobular nucleus (about white blood cells)polymorphonuclear
(Biology) kingdom of primitive single-celled organisms (includes slime molds, some algae, and some bacteria)Protista
(Biology) of nucleoplasm (substance in the cell nucleus)nucleoplasmatic
(Biology) of nucleoplasm (substance in the cell nucleus)nucleoplasmic
(Biology) pertaining to the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelial
(Biology) protein substance which is found in horn (also in nails, hair, hoofs, etc.), fibrous proteinkeratin
(Biology) tumor of the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelioma
(Chemistry) add carbolic acid (antiseptic substance)carbolize
(Chemistry) chemical agent that forms a gradient in concentration and exercises control over morphogenesis, substance important for development of embryomorphogen
(Chemistry) compound composed of and organic ring and metallic ions (such as hemoglobin in the blood, chlorophyll in plants, etc.), combine to form chelate, compound of metal and nonmetal, having a chela (claw); of a chelate compound (Chemistry), havin...chelate
(Chemistry) containing menthol (chemical substance causing a cool sensation and used for medical and commercial purposes), flavored with mentholmentholated
(Chemistry) crystalline chemical substance (used as an insecticide and in medications), compound killing intestinal worms and insects, drug used to treat schizophreniaphenothiazine
(Chemistry) of tautomerism, pertaining to the existence of one substance in various formstautomeric
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(Biochemistry) of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the destruction of bacteria), of opsonins يختلف يختلف معه альтернирование (n.) Dunka jännittynyt, kiihdyksissä oleva, kiihottunut, kiihtynyt, viritetty, virittynyt aprox. prov. in the forehead and the eye the index of mind does lie. biểu đồ, đồ thị; lá số tử vi; hải đồ (đi biển) absence makes the heart grow fonder rasitusjaksojen lukumäärä, jännitysjaksojen lukumäärä no one likes to be surpassed by those of his own level (Livy) formosos sæpe inveni pessimos, et turpi facie multos cognovi optimos vahinko, vaurio, vamma, haitta, tuho, halla, pahanteko, vahingonteko, vioittuma motion screw ஆக்குத் திசு all things atrocious and shameless flow from all parts to Rome (Tacitus) me pompæ provexit apex to breathe deeply, to pant (atelier de) turnătorie (de fontă), topitorie, uzină metalurgică (Anatomy) of the pia mater (one of the membranes surrounding the brain) Маятниковый тест எடைக் குறைவு 伊利亞卡讚 伊利亚卡赞 செவி நரம்பு 1. tr. to race away. 2. intr. to be out of pocket/to lose at the races. அமில உறுப்பு நிறுவு தேரம்/அமைப்பு நேரம் வாய்க்கால் இதழ் வட்டம் அனுமதி இல்லை explosives whatever good is done for good men is never done in vain (Plautus) 南亞次大陸 南亚次大陆 (British) any of a number of small and brightly colored beetles, ladybug a nameless something is always wanting to our imperfect fortune (Horace) mit intelligenten Ausrüstungen versehen sein, intelligent konstruiert (u.E.) it is often better to go the circuitous way than the direct one (transmission) (auto, OM) mecanism (transmisie cu melc şi sector dinţat) compass point between NW and NNW, toward point between NW and NNW bell or gong used by street peddlers, barbers etc to attract attention there is no greater misfortune than not to be able to endure misfortune உரையாடு அறை அச்சுலோகம் a (se) deteriora, a (se) strica, a (se) înrăutăţi سرعة ، عجلة رشاقة valeat res ludicra, si me palma negata macrum, donata reducit opimum குண்டி அசைவு நடை, குண்டி ஆட்ட நடை Kaiser Jiemin, Herrscher über die nördlichen Wei (Eig, Pers, 498 - 532) dvostupno devizno tržište, devizno tržište na dvije razine immorally Оргонная терапия